75 Photos - Mar 19, 2011
Photo: BUY & SELL Dazey Butter Churns. ( beefstew13@aol.com ) Dennis Moore 319-215-9182 Fairbank Iowa 50629Photo: ((( PROTOTYPE ))) #40 
Bevel Edge/Horseshoe
DAZEY Page 1Photo: ((( PROTOTYPE ))) #40 Bevel Edge/Horseshoe Mfd.1907 DAZEY Page 2 Larger Opening SizePhoto: ((( PROTOTYPE ))) #40 Bevel Edge/Horseshoe Mfd.1907 DAZEY Page 3 Handle Affixed @ Center of ReinforcementPhoto: Bevel Edge/Horseshoe
DAZEY'SPhoto: Bullseye/Round Label (Made In America) (Bold Print)#40,#30,#20,#10 Mfd.1912-1922 DAZEY'SPhoto: Bullseye/Round Label(Bold Print)#40,#30,#20,#10,Mfd.1912-1922DAZEY'SPhoto: Bullseye/Round Label(Fine Print) #20 Transitional Top & #30 #40 RAISED OVAL New Style Tops,, Mfd. 1921 DAZEY'SPhoto: Bullseye/Round label (fine print) #40 #30 #20 RAISED OVAL Old Style Tops,,Mfd.1921, DAZEY'SPhoto: Slope Shoulder/Pat.Date #80#60#40#30#20#10
DAZEY'SPhoto: Pat.Date/Slope Shoulder
Mfd. 1922-1950's DAZEY'S Page 1Photo: Pat.Date/Slope Shoulder
#60,#40 Double Embossed,#40 Single Embossed,#30,#20,#10
DAZEY'S Page 2Photo: Pat.Date/Slope Shoulder Embossed 
With The Word (QUART)
#80,#60,#20 (only sizes)
Mfd.1922-1950's DAZEY'SPhoto: #4 Qt. & #8 Qt. Red Ball's
Fixed Whey Screen & Metal Paddles
DAZEY'SPhoto: #4 Qt. & #8 Qt.  Red Ball's
Fixed & Removeable Whey Screen's
Mfd. 1930's-1950's
DAZEYPhoto: 4 Qt. & 8 Qt. Electric Churns
Mfd.1940's-1950's DAZEY'SPhoto: DAZEY - Ice Cream Freezer
3 Gal. Red Wing Water Cooler
DAZEY #40 High Shoulder/Round Label
((( Transitional )))
Mfd. 1912Photo: ((( PROTOTYPE ))) DAZEY Tin Churn,Est.1907, Belt Groove in Crank Wheel Page 1Photo: ((( PROTOTYPE ))) Notice Frame Style. Round Holes in Gear. Page 2Photo: 1 Gal. #130B
Pat.Date Dec.18,1917
DAZEYPhoto: 2 Gal. #230B
Pat.Date Dec.18,1917Photo: 3 Gal. #330B Pat.Date Dec.18,1917Photo: 4 Gal. #430B
Pat.Date Dec.18,1917Photo: 6 Gal. #630B
Pat.Date Dec.18,1917Photo: 10 Gal. #1030B
Pat.Date Dec.18,1917Photo: 16 Gal. Pat. Date Apr. 7, 1907Photo: 3 & 4 Gal. 
Pat. Date Apr.16,1907
St.Louis,Mo.Photo: M650B    M450B    M250BPhoto: Glass Churn Holder,,Page 1DAZEY CHURN & MFG.Co.Photo: #45 Churn Holder,Page 2
DAZEYPhoto: DAZEY Egg BeatersPhoto: Dazey Shipping ContainersPhoto: DAZEY Ad'sPhoto: DAZEY BOTTLE OPENER
GREEN,,YELLOWPhoto: DAZEY ITEMS----------- Matches, Whey Screen, Insp. Pins, Printer Block, & Wall BracketPhoto: DAZEY SCALESPhoto: DAZEY
4 QUARTPhoto: SunBeam Mix Master &
Butter ChurnPhoto: Wm. Redheffers Lightning reciprocating Churn, Pat. Date Jan. 20, 1874Photo: OVEE VACUUM BUTTERMAKER
Louisville,Ky.Photo: ELMA & ROLL-WAYPhoto: Challenge Churn, No. 2 Gal., Pat. Date June 23,1908 By The Mason Mfg. Co. Canton OhioPhoto: 4 Gal. Modern Churn, Mfd. By EASY washing Co.Photo: Rocker ChurnPhoto: 3 Gal. Fay Way Butter Separator Churn, Cin. Ohio May 16.1916Photo: No 1, Creamery Foot Power Swing Churn,4 Gal., Louisville,Ky. 1893Photo: 5 Gal. Standard Churn Co.Photo: Rectancular Churn, Jan.27,1868 Awarded Gold Medal, St. Louis 1885 Worlds FairPhoto: The Favorite Churn, No. 0 Mfd. J.McDermaid, Rockford, ILL.Photo: No. 3 Blanchard Churn, 2 Gal. Concord, N.H. Pat.Date 1878Photo: No. 4 Blanchard Churn, 4 Gal. Concord,N.H. Pat.Date 1878Photo: Blanchard Churn, 2 Gal. (New Style) Nashua,N.H. 1890-1990Photo: Union Churn, Butter Paddles, Butter MoldsPhoto: R. W.Fenner Octagonal Churn, 1883, Stockton,N.Y.Photo: Davis Swing Churn No.2 Bellows Falls, Vermont Pat.Date May 1,1877Photo: Old Fashion, Wood Cylinder, Bordens, Double Lid Hand ShakerPhoto: Home Butter Merger, Pat.Date Sept.14,1909 Indianaplis, IndianaPhoto: Elgin 2 Gal. ChurnPhoto: Speedy Butter Maker 2 Qt. Page 1Photo: Speedy Butter Maker 2 Qt. Page 2Photo: Big 3 Vacuum Washer, Ripon Wis. Pat.Date Sept.4,1917Photo: Dietz Wood Washing MachinePhoto: 3 Gal. Fort Dodge,Iowa,,2,,3,,4,,Gal. Red WingPhoto: Red Wing Apple Sauce Jars, 5,,3,,2,,GallonPhoto: Red Wing StonewarePhoto: Red Wing Chef Pierre Cookie Jars
Speckled Blue/Green
Green & BeigePhoto: Red  Wing 2 Gal. Water Coolers (1950's) DinnerWare
Delta-Blue,Village-Green,Round-Up,Tampico,Bob-WhitePhoto: Vintage Hair CombsPhoto: Vintage Hair CombsPhoto: R S PRUSSIA mustache cups,,RARE left hand & right hand,,page 1Photo: R S PRUSSIA mustache cups,,page 2Photo: Cast Iron Laundry StovePhoto: LUCKY STRIKE GREEN WENT TO WAR

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