180 Photos - Mar 1, 2013
Photo: Brought some Sri Lanka attire back for Christmas.Photo: Sunset from the Rooftop of the house in KandyPhoto: Brought back a "new" card game to MN that the Aussies taught me in Sri Lanka.Photo: This is what I came home to. Not cool.Photo: Photo: Resident puppies outside the Kandy house.Photo: Big BuddhaPhoto: One of the altars at the Big BuddhaPhoto: VIew of Kandy from the top of Big BuddhaPhoto: I can see up your nose, Big Buddha.Photo: Toes in the pool in Galle.Photo: True Life: I live in a Hitchcock movie. (Galle)Photo: Fishing boats in Galle.Photo: The first dip in the Indian Ocean! (Negombo)Photo: Maritime Museum in Galle.Photo: Old Dutch Church in Galle.Photo: View of Kandy from the roof of the house in KandyPhoto: Sunset on the fort in Galle.Photo: Galle Fort.Photo: Rooftop of the Kandy house.Photo: Fisherman in GallePhoto: GallePhoto: It just needs a little work, I promise. (Galle Fort)Photo: Cricket Test in Galle.Photo: Turtle Time in Unawatuna.Photo: Wooo! I got a Visa!Photo: Negombo Beach.Photo: Negombo Beach.Photo: New puppy friend. (Negombo)Photo: Unawatuna BeachPhoto: Unawatuna BeachPhoto: Athena and Me at the Big Buddha in Kandy.Photo: Yummy, but EVIL, lobster for dinner in Galle.Photo: Lobster curry and all the fixins.Photo: No Smorking.Photo: The perfect tea towel that sums up everything you hear on a regular basis in Sri Lanka.Photo: Deviled Pork for Thanksgiving.Photo: Tea Picking ladies having a tea break on the way to Nuwara Eliya.Photo: Waterfall on the way to Nuwara Eliya.Photo: I just love how some things translate.Photo: Health & Safety? (On the road to Nuwara Eliya)Photo: GlenLoch Tea PlantationPhoto: GlenLoch Tea Plantation.Photo: Lots of students leave behind their stashes of medications. It was all being kept in one messy bag, so all of us girls spent a rainy night inside doing some sorting.Photo: The final product of the medication sort.Photo: GlenLoch Tea Plantation.Photo: My custom sparkle from the Kandyman.Photo: Stole this picture from Sarayu. This is what the front steps at the Kandy house look like during a rainstrom.Photo: Yummy tea at GlenLoch tea plantation.Photo: Practicing eating with my hands at every opportunity.Photo: On the road to Nuwara Eliya.Photo: On the road to Nuwara Eliya.Photo: 5 am arrival at Chaaya Blu in Trincomalee. Jack. Pot.Photo: One of these things is not like the other. (Trincomalee)Photo: On the road to Nuwara Eliya.Photo: Temple of the Sacred Tooth in KandyPhoto: Fish curry: My first attempt at eating with my hands was successful!Photo: Puppy in Trinco had apparently decided she was coming home with me.Photo: English post box in Nuwara Eliya aka Little England.Photo: Of all the things I thought would make it to Little England: the Swan paddle boats was not on the list.Photo: Getting ready for some risky rooftop yoga.Photo: Rooftop Yoga: 1 item on the bucket list checked off!Photo: Rooftop Yoga.Photo: On the road from Nuwara Eliya to Horton's Plains.Photo: Take me to the World's End.Photo: Morning dew. It was 7 am in Horton's Plains after all.Photo: Horton's Plains.Photo: Mushy gushy trail of colors in Horton's Plains.Photo: At home physio session on the dining table. It's safe, I promise.Photo: Colorful erosion in Horton's Plains.Photo: Follow me to the [mini] World's End.Photo: Morning Dew in Horton's Plains.Photo: Proof of a successful at home physio session.Photo: Lucky trinckets in the trees at the Konesvaram Hindu Temple in Trincomalee.Photo: Bakers FallsPhoto: Bakers FallsPhoto: Horton's Plains.Photo: Horton's Plains.Photo: Animal tracks in Horton's plains.Photo: I'm a tree! (Horton's Plains)Photo: Morning after the wedding, I get all the food because I'm the only one not hungover. (Habarana)Photo: Anthea gets all the drinks because she IS hungover. (Habarana)Photo: Lunch time and Darryn's still not feeling the food after wedding crashing. (Habarana)Photo: Horton's Plains.Photo: Lone shoe in Horton's Plains.Photo: But it's locked! (Nanu-Oya Railstation)Photo: Bye Bye Sri Lanka, I'll miss you!Photo: Station Chief at Nanu-Oya Railstation.Photo: Just waiting for the train. (Nanu-Oya)Photo: More puppers waiting for the train. (Nanu-Oya)Photo: A night out with the girls in Kandy at Bamboo Gardens.Photo: Dancing with the local doctors at Bamboo Gardens.Photo: After our night out, we had to warn the newcomer.Photo: A little company at our table in Bamboo Gardens.Photo: Shrimp curry at the Ministry of Crab in Colombo.Photo: Reeeeeally large crab in Colombo.Photo: DINNER!!! So much food in Colombo.Photo: Sorry poor crab, but your stuffings are going in my belly.Photo: 7 Degrees North in Colombo.Photo: National Beer!Photo: Puppy resting in the shade of the boat in Trincomalee.Photo: Gathering up the nets in Trincomalee.Photo: The spectrum of participants in Trincomalee.Photo: Lunch in Trincomalee! Another chance to eats with my hands was a success.Photo: View from the Hindu Temple in Trincomalee.Photo: Lovers Leap (Hindu Temple in Trincomalee)Photo: Through the peepholes at the Hindu Temple in Trincomalee.Photo: Meditations at the Hindu Temple in Trincomalee.Photo: Shoes!!! (Hindu Temple in Trincomalee)Photo: Trincomalee War Cemetery.Photo: French Soldier at Trincomalee War Cemetery.Photo: Trincomalee War CemeteryPhoto: The gates at Trincomalee War Cemetery.Photo: Darryn's trying to hang with the little ones, playing cricket on the road in Kandy.Photo: Barbeque on the Roof! That's our gardener, assistant program manager and the head honcho program manager. (Kandy)Photo: Yummy Rooftop Barbeque.Photo: Loved all the food in Sri Lanka!Photo: Partners in CrimePhoto: The outdoor amputee rehab facility at Jaipur Rehab Hospital.Photo: Amila our loyal tuk-tuk driver.Photo: Everyone together now!Photo: Golden temple on the way out to Passekudah.Photo: Shenannigans in Passekudah.Photo: Kusal--Boys will be boys. (Passekudah)Photo: Darryn--Boys will be boys. (Passekudah)Photo: Bromance in Passekudah.Photo: My faithful and weird travel companions at Maalu Maalu in Passekudah.Photo: Look Mom, I have a Mango Tree! (Habarana)Photo: Exploring in Habarana.Photo: A little picnic place in the middle of the forest in Habarana.Photo: Fun trees in Habarana.Photo: Chickens ready for some volleyball.Photo: This is how laundry works here in Habarana.Photo: Making string hoppers in Habarana.Photo: Hard work in Habarana.Photo: Refill (Habarana)Photo: Freshly squeezed string hoppers. (Habarana)Photo: The stove. (Habarana)Photo: Cooked string hoppers! (Habarana)Photo: Prepping for Wedding Crashing. (Habarana)Photo: All of us with the happy couple in Habarana.Photo: Darryn and Mewan at the wedding in Habarana.Photo: Anthea and me at the wedding in Habarana.Photo: Trying to dance to the Sri Lankan music. (Habarana)Photo: People hand me their children for photos, but the children were not very amused. (Habarana)Photo: Getting a bit silly at the wedding. (Habarana)Photo: The Ayurvedic doctor treated my tumb injury with bark and oil. Not entirely sure it worked, this was right before the evil brown goo kicked in. (Habarana)Photo: SigiriyaPhoto: One big rock! (Sigiriya)Photo: Tiny waterfalls in the summer palace at Sigiriya.Photo: Puppy surveying his kingdom at Sigiriya.Photo: FYI (Sigiriya)Photo: View from the top of SigiriyaPhoto: More Yoga on a ledge. (Sigiriya)Photo: More pretty colors to be seem walking down the side of Sigiriya.Photo: White Baby Pineapple that you can only find in Sri Lanka. (Habarana)Photo: Wasp nest for sale.... (Habarana)Photo: Look Mom, no hands! (Habarana)Photo: Mutu, Me and Darryn. We're all buddies now. (Habarana)Photo: My new friend Mutu (Habarana)Photo: Riding in Style in HabaranaPhoto: More wildlife friends in Habarana.Photo: More fancy rides in Habarana.Photo: Partners in Crime. (Habarana)Photo: Looking out over the lake in Habarana.Photo: Looking for some new headwear. (Habarana)Photo: Lily Pads! (Habarana)Photo: Loved my new hat! (Habarana)Photo: We are trendsetters. (Habarana)Photo: All of us trendsetters on the lake in Habarana.Photo: The ladder to the lookout in Habarana. They need to keep an eye out for Wild Elephants!Photo: Can you say FRESH bananas?Photo: Time for an afternoon snack in the hut. (Habarana)Photo: Modern lighting in the hut. (Habarana)Photo: Lily pads make hats AND bowls! (Habarana)Photo: Drinking tea out of a coconut shell. (Habarana)Photo: Me, Sarayu, Darryn and Anthea in front of Kandy General Hospital.Photo: Regular power cuts mean my headlamps came in handy during Uno. (Kandy)Photo: Alternative forms of lighting for Uno. (Kandy)