78 Photos - Jul 31, 2014
Photo: #1 - Sold to Cottage StudiosPhoto: inside #1Photo: Inside #2 - Sold to Young Love StudioPhoto: #3 - This one has Altran output transformers and went to Andrew LewisPhoto: inside #3Photo: #4 - Sold to www.ericmetronome.comPhoto: #5 - I sold this locally but didn't get the guy's namePhoto: #6 - this one went to Tony at www.gmsdrums.comPhoto: back side of #6Photo: #7 - this one was sold to Jon NolanPhoto: #8 - this is one I sold locally to JasonPhoto: #9 - this one belongs to Steve MahoneyPhoto: #10 - built from master/monitor modules.  I sold it locally again.Photo: #11 - sold this one locally too.  this was my first one where I replaced the slide switches with rotary switches.Photo: #12 - Another beautiful Red Oak faceplate.  This single channel unit went to Jeff White.Photo: #13 - Sold to Mike CouncilPhoto: #14 - This one belongs to Ryan HouckPhoto: #15 - this one also belongs to Ryan Houck.Photo: #16 - this baby-PM1K was sold to John Given.Photo: #17 - this quad-channel was sold to Charles Ronan.Photo: #18 -  this is a single channel with EQ and API 2623 output transformer - this one stays in my recording rack!Photo: #19 - Another with the API output transformer.  this one went to www.ateliersound.com.Photo: #20 - single channel mini from talkback module. This one went to Will at www.stuporheromusic.comPhoto: #21 - Dual channel from master/monitor modules. This one sold to Sharkbite Studios.Photo: #22 - This one has API 2623 output trannies and went to John Valencia.Photo: #23 - 1U single channel with EQ and Yamaha/Tamura trannys went to Jim Alfredson.Photo: #24 - Another 1U single channel with EQ and Yamaha/Tamura trannys also went to Jim Alfredson.Photo: #25 - Dual channel with Tamuras. This one was sold to Ron Salmond.Photo: #26 - 2 channel from echo module. I left the original face from this chassis cause where else are you going to find a pre with "burst gain"? Sold to Bryan Shiflet.Photo: #27 - this is a quad channel that went to Matt Parmenter at Ice Cream Factory StudiosPhoto: #28 - sold to Matt PearsonPhoto: #29 - Sold to Geoff Montgomery's studio.Photo: #30 - The “Recession Special” - low cost in a compact packagePhoto: #31 - Two smokin red hot channels of PM1k sold to Kyle McCammon.Photo: #32 - Two channels with a custom wood face.  Sold to Dan Moreno.Photo: #33 - Two channels from master modulesPhoto: #34 - Two channels from echo modulesPhoto: #35 -  Two more channels from echo modulesPhoto: #36 -  Four channels from echo modulesPhoto: #37 - custom oak face.  Dual channel from talkback modulesPhoto: #38 - single channel master module went to Scott NelsonPhoto: #39 - single channel from a master modulePhoto: #40 - this one originally went to Andy SharpPhoto: #41 - two channel with EQ from input modulesPhoto: #42 - two channel with EQ from input modulesPhoto: #43 - Golden tone (obviously)Photo: #44 - Quad channel from master/headphone modulesPhoto: #45 - Two channel from talkback modulesPhoto: #47 insidePhoto: #47Photo: #48Photo: #49Photo: #49 insidePhoto: #50Photo: #50 insidePhoto: the back of #1 before it got output transformers...Photo: C9 (a tantalum cap) is circledPhoto: I hate metal work...Photo: insidePhoto: insidePhoto: one module mountedPhoto: one module mountedPhoto: checking the fit of the faceplatePhoto: closeup of the DI 1/4" inputPhoto: The EQ sectionPhoto: checking fitPhoto: some new MPSa18's installedPhoto: original transistorsPhoto: I had a whole 16 channel board that I parted out for some of these you see above.Photo: here's what it looks like under the hoodPhoto: Here's a view from the top - this one, like most, experienced some beer & cigarettes...Photo: inside #2Photo: pm1000 caps layoutPhoto: cut-down, wired up and ready to installPhoto: cut down wired up and ready to installPhoto: orientation of the new transistorPhoto: bypass caps on bottom of boardPhoto: wima bypass caps on bottom of input channel