35 Photos - Apr 14, 2012
Photo: It all starts herePhoto: Quantum GIS WorkshopPhoto: Yes there's bugs. But they get fixed quick.Photo: Building a QGIS pluginPhoto: The hardworking desk jockeysPhoto: Youngest of the Young Researchers?Photo: The ChairPhoto: Old Friends ReunitedPhoto: The IntroductionPhoto: The Midland Hotel, Morecambe.Photo: Artwork by Eric GillPhoto: View across the BayPhoto: Chatting in the sunshinePhoto: Mostly LocalsPhoto: GemmaPhoto: Discussion...Photo: ...debate...Photo: ...drinks.Photo: Meet The BandPhoto: The sun sinksPhoto: Dessert in the nightPhoto: Poster SessionPhoto: SheepishPhoto: Explanations...Photo: IndicationsPhoto: ImaginationsPhoto: ClarificationsPhoto: ConnectionsPhoto: At the OSGEO standPhoto: Conference DinnerPhoto: Empty bottlesPhoto: Mike Goodchild, after-dinner speech.  With bullet points!Photo: Keynote 1, Pete AtkinsonPhoto: Keynote 2, Tyler MitchellPhoto: Be careful with it!