64 Photos - Mar 22, 2012
Photo: Exploding sunsetPhoto: Added new sunset pic everybody, sky was awesome this evening and no pic can show the real deal but i wanted to preserve the memory. It was really saturated so i did the same thing with the pic (well maybe i've overdid a bit:), reduced the size and denoised a bit all in picmonkey (lost my PS while ago so i'm on a picmonkey diet, easy fix if u ask me)...hope u like the stuff peeps, cheers from me, have a great weekend ;)Photo: Sunset-Blendija 01Photo: Hey g+, what's up? here's a shot of my man Leo watching the sunset on the fence! :) I love this one cuz he's a real star in my opinion, always craving for atention  ;) cheers people hope u like ti...Photo: Hi again peeps just wanted to share with u this cool sunset i took just 2 hours ago!  Hope u like the moment guys, cheers from me ;)Photo: Photo: Photo: Hey G+,what's up? Took some new sunset pics from my last fishing where i was heavily attacked by a colony of mosquitoes. Vampires may be a fiction but some bloodsuckers are DAMN REAL :D so as a human bloodbag i tried to catch this cool sunset as better as possible and now i'm sharing the "not so perfect moment'' for me but a pretty good ending of a day...hope u like it people,cheers ;)Photo: Glimpse of sunsetPhoto: Hey people how's it going? Took another sunset with my cell and though of sharing the moment with u :) Hope u like the pic,cheers G+ !Photo: Catching the last sightPhoto: "Can we pretend that airplanes,in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now,wish right now,wish right now..." :) Hey G+ what's uP? Added this pic to my sunset album,hope u like it people and i hope u'r wishes will came true ;) cheers!Photo: Hey G+ people,what's up? Took some new moments and decidet to shaer with u... :D hope u like it guys,i gotta hurry,have some football planned...cheersPhoto: Hey G+ what's up? Spring there yet guys? :) cuz here is super cozy weather with about 15-20°Celsius which is ideal for me and my plans.. Spring indeed came in a right moment for me and i'm totally enjoying it with bunch of friends ;) I captured this pic while walking for some fresh air and i decided to share with u guys,i hope u like it there will be probably more in near future. Cheers people ;)Photo: New pic and new moment for me guys,spring awesomness everywhere! :D Hope u like it and i wish u could feel the air and wind combined with this sunset... cheers people ;)Photo: Another pic from yesterdays metal detecting tryouts, these spots for a sunset sucker like myself are just too good not to shoot :)) hope u like it guys, i'm out for now..see ya all later! CheersPhoto: Clean and simplePhoto: Sky geometryPhoto: One of the cleaner sunset pics in this album, no crazy looking clouds today guys :) hope u like the stuff, cheers from me i'm of to sleep b4 i pass 03:00 AM!Photo: Hey guys, what's up? Well i'm back in business with all those crazy looking sunsets and silhouettes :) This one was dwelling on my hard drive for a while there so i decided to show u the stuff :) hope u like it peeps, cheers from me! ;)Photo: I love this spot in autumn!  :)) hope u like it guys, cheers! ;)Photo: One more pic from the metal detecting trip from couple of weeks ago..we had crazy cloudy sunstet that day so i shooted like hell that eve! made probably arround 80-100 photos! lol :)) Hope u like the stuff guys, cheers from me ;)Photo: Hey guys, what's up? :) Well i tooks some time and edited one of my fav latest pic i took so i thought of sharing the results with u, i was in quite halloween mood ! :)
Pic taken with my Xperia pro, everyting edited in PicMonkey...quite a nice program for quick edit that i recomend, it's free on net. Cheers peeps, hope u like the stuff :)Photo: Hey guys, what's up? :) Today i planned to go outside with my earphones in, playing fav songs and shoot everything that caughts my eye! ..but laziness and some family obligations thought differently so i stayed and played a bit in CS6 :) In this pic i combined 2 photos, my original one (hill, forest and trees) and one from the net (sunset and sea,) using overlay blending mode in cs6... hope u like the stuff guys, it took me about 5 mins so the quality is not best but it was fun to use PS again after couple of months :) cheers peeps ;)Photo: Yesterdays sunrise guys, hope u like the stuff, cheers! :)Photo: Hey guys what's up? :) Took some shots last few days and decided to play with this particular one in PicMonkey... This is a very old mulberry tree that i found up in the mountain while metal detecting with a bud. Hope u like the stuff people, cheers from me! :))
Pic shooted with my Xperia Pro, edited in PicMonkey. Photo: Here's also a photo of yesterday's crazy sunset! :)) Cheers folks!
Captured with my smarphone, edited in +PicMonkey ! :)Photo: Hey guys what's up? :) just wanted to share one of my fav spots to shoot, this is taken few weeks ago but i kinda noticed it just now :) Hope u like the stuff, i made a B&W version to, it's on the way :) cheers all, have a great week! ;)Photo: Hey guys what's up? :) I haven't been here for few days cuz it's month of "slava"s here but i wanted to make something for all u love birds out there ;) Hope u like the stuff peeps, this was made in CS6 with 3 different pics (Sunset and bridge my original two photos taken with old cell and the photo of a couple that i found on net, take no credit for that one) blended layer by layer with few touch ups. Have a great Sunday folks, cheers from me! ;)Photo: Hey everybody, what's going on? :) Yesterday around 15:30 (3:30 PM) i went for a run just outside my place on old soccer field and my god i was blown away! One of the most colorful sunset i saw this year, coldish breeze that lowered just a bit the real 16 degrees of Celsius! I knew the drill, that kind of moment could not go by without saving few memories of the nature's beauty ;) If u'r wondering about the colors i assure u that they are as real as camera can produce it, i did not want to ruin the originality of the sight! Only edit here is a bit of airbrush on gray-blue clouds to reduce the noise and size that i lowered to 2200x1448 from original 3264x2448. So i hope u peeps enjoy the sight as much as i enjoyed running beaneath such beauty...Cheers! ;)Photo: Hey G+ how's it going? :) ahh i know, it's been ages since i posted something and i'm sorry for ditching u guys like that for a month or so but i had to take a break from networking a little bit...snapped this one few days ago when i was heading back home from friend's place, it was very cool, snow was sparkling and combined with the sunset it all looked like winters tale from the movies :) Hope u like the pic peeps, wish u a great holidays everybody! Cheers ;)Photo: Pins & cloudsPhoto: Pines in twilightPhoto: Deep in the forestPhoto: A house deep in forestPhoto: Far at westPhoto: Clouds & MountainsPhoto: Spring Sunset 8Photo: Catching The Last ColorsPhoto: Shine on mePhoto: Sunset behind the treesPhoto: As our hearts fade awayPhoto: Sunset by the riverPhoto: Warming hopePhoto: Sunset and the old wire fencePhoto: Peaceful lifePhoto: Lake sunrisePhoto: Stanging tall at twilightPhoto: Let's color itPhoto: Colors and shapesPhoto: Light on mePhoto: Breaking throughPhoto: Sunset at the meadowPhoto: Fields & colorsPhoto: Sunset - Blendija, August 2013Photo: Hey peeps, how are ya'll doing? :) Another "Run&Snap" shot as i like to call them, took it few days ago while jogging through country roads in the evening. Awesome way to stay in shape and enjoy the nature if u ask me, too bad i'm a lazy bastard to do it more often! lol :P
Anyways i hope u like the snap people, thought of sharing this one with #sunsetsaturday  by +Dennis Hoffbuhr and #silhouettesaturday  +SilhouetteSaturday curated by +Naila Ziani :) Cheers!
#sunset   #silhouette   #tree   #dusk  Photo: Catching AirplanesPhoto: Meteor FallingPhoto: Colors And SilhouettesPhoto: Drama to the westPhoto: Nature's teardropPhoto: Shining ThroughPhoto: Colors DividedPhoto: Hey people, what's up? :) I took this one while i was running last June, just though this plant was cool with the sun and vapour trail in the backgroud :) I've shared a similar pic in 2013 but this one is a bit different, it's HDR made in cs6, small edits like dust removal and the watermark :) I hope u dig it guys and gals, i've been pretty unactive these days but i hope it'll be back rocking on G+ soon :) Cheers and have a great weekend! #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #sun   #silhouette   #silhouettephotography   #vapor   #vapourtrail   #sunbeam   #sunrays   #sunraysphotography   #grass