52 Photos - Jan 26, 2012
Photo: Inconspicuous locationPhoto: The last place on Earth where pinballs are still being madePhoto: Electronics labPhoto: Incoming parts inspection: Here, a rampPhoto: Incoming parts inspectionPhoto: Parts are either custom-ordered, or reused (e.g. consumer toys)Photo: Different backglass variantsPhoto: Here, McDonald’s Shrek toys are reused for the Shrek pinballPhoto: More partsPhoto: Pinballs ready for testingPhoto: More pinballsPhoto: Parts for AC/DC pinball laid outPhoto: Jody demonstrating various complicated wiresPhoto: More wiresPhoto: CabinetsPhoto: Rolling Stones undercarriage ready to be wiredPhoto: Undercarriages beginning to be wiredPhoto: Another Rolling Stones undercarriage with more wiringPhoto: Tons of various wire spoolsPhoto: Wire/connector testerPhoto: Special edition Transformers playfield signed by George GomezPhoto: AC/DC playfield coming from factoryPhoto: More playfieldsPhoto: A machine pressing drilling guide holes into the playfieldPhoto: Drilling playfield holesPhoto: Playfield with more work donePhoto: Another labPhoto: More AC/DC cabinetsPhoto: Slowly adding parts to playfield and cabinets. This is called a “fishbone” assembly line with people on both sides working on a “skeleton.”Photo: More assemblyPhoto: Undercarriage with various parts (targets, bumpers) mountedPhoto: Speaker and transformer/power supply with plugs for all the international voltage standardsPhoto: The CPU and everything are hidden in the backboxPhoto: Motherboards: Note the USB slot in the upper-right corner. Newer pinball machines will be wi-fi enabled!Photo: A manifest with model and destinationPhoto: More assemblyPhoto: Even more assemblyPhoto: Transformers and Avatar pinballs. Transformers uses a new printing technique with stickers (higher quality, more saturated colours) instead of painting on the cabinetPhoto: PartsPhoto: First round of testing – note the playfields mounted on a special rotating mounts for easy accessPhoto: AC/DC pinballs ready for testingPhoto: More testingPhoto: Even more testingPhoto: Round two of testing (CPU)Photo: More testingPhoto: The manifest now properly filled outPhoto: Dusting off the pinball machine before packingPhoto: AC/DC pinball goes into the boxPhoto: These boxes have pinballs inside them!Photo: A first live prototype (whitewood) of the AC/DC pinballPhoto: Steve Ritchie playing his own pinball. I played with him!Photo: My lame score