20 Photos - Apr 5, 2014
Photo: Kajata is one of our young men who is learning to play the piano for church!Photo: Faith Baptist Church, BamendaPhoto: A new bamboo dog fence we have erected in our courtyard.Photo: Our neighbor's goat had twins. The kids named them Mambo (after the Cameroon chocolate bar) and Oreo.Photo: For the first time ever, we found bacon in Bamenda!Photo: Cleopas in a spiritually gifted young man in our church. Beside learning to play the piano, he is a faithful children's church worker and soul-winner. We just bought these new glasses for him, and he is very proud of them!Photo: This is on of our food market friends, Abeltine.Photo: Our family inside Old Faithful just a couple weeks before God provided our new car!Photo: Last month we hired some men to dig a well for us. This was a picture on day 2.Photo: The debris is removed with a bucket on a rope. The man in the hole is so far down that we can no longer see him in the dark. They hit water today and plan to dig a total of 65-70'. Praise the Lord for water!Photo: I'm not admitting that Drew is Spider man, but I have never seen the two of them in the same room - ever!Photo: Kids we met during Friday outreach in Bamenda.Photo: Carol (the teenager on left in the red jersey) is the young man mentioned in our prayer letter. When we visited his house a group of neighborhood children gathered. We preach a simple Gospel message and many children and adults listened to the entire message.Photo: Kate, singing and playing her violin for special music in church.Photo: Brother Emmanuel is the music director at Bible Baptist Church. He and his wife are expecting their first child this month!Photo: A few days ago we experienced quite the hail storm.Photo: Pastor Eugene and his wife Mirabell, sharing Christ with residence in the village of Akum.Photo: Film night at Living Water Baptist Church in Akum.Photo: Some people who came out, despite the rain, for film night at Living Water Baptist Church in Akum.Photo: Our new car!