34 Photos - Jan 14, 2013
Photo: Setting up for film night.Photo: There is no electricity in Benakuma, so we must show films with either the generator, or in this case, a laptop and a battery powered speaker.Photo: Some of the group who came to watch the film.Photo: Photo: This is a picture of a family in the FBC of Benakuma. The Father, Pa Ana Mathias, was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, and has been in prison the past four months. The baby in the picture is just 2 months old. She was born since he has been Incarcerated. We are working with some human rights activists who are trying to get him released, to see justice served, and this precious family reunited.Photo: Apex is one of the young men who is showing great potential as a possible future national pastor in this church or this area.Photo: Brother Tomasmike is preaching from John 15. He is using the branch in his hand as an illustration.Photo: Photo: Pastor Eugene is teaching the baptism class.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I had the privilage of leading this man to Christ last year. He is very faithful to the church and was baptized in December 2012.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The man in the middle is the cheif of the village, Benade. He was one who was saved and baptized on this Sunday. He has already donated a very large piece of land for a church to be built in his village...but the laborers are few.Photo: Returning from the river to the church for a potluck meal.Photo: All those baptized in December, along with Pastor Eugene (far right) and Brother Tomasmike (blue shirt).Photo: Church potluckPhoto: More discipleship after the mealPhoto: Time to ride home. This is the motercycle our supporters bought earlier this year so that these precious people in Benakuma and Benade can hear the Gospel and be discipled by a small mission team each month. Thank you all!Photo: Children's Christmas chior at Bible Baptist Church in Bambili.Photo: Our kids and their black and white pets. The black cat is called Charcoal (Coal for short) and the white rabbit is named Snowball.Photo: Last month we mentioned Michael's father who passed away. We went to visit the family before the funeral and this is Faith Ann with Michael's bereaved mother.Photo: A candle light Christmas dinner with homemade pizza and a 1.5 liter Coke!Photo: Homemade Ice CreamPhoto: The kids made their own pizzas this night. Can you tell which one is Drew's?Photo: Bible Baptist Church in BambiliPhoto: Singging at Faith Baptist Church in BamendaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Faith Ann with a new born chick