34 Photos - Jan 5, 2012
Photo: Love the new limb pocket designPhoto: 70/80 lbs ProArc Limbs @27.0Photo: RKT = Fast and Quiet!Photo: Rocket hot limbsPhoto: Pure sexy curvesPhoto: Hoyt does it again!Photo: 80 lbs pulls and holds like 65 lbs over the 2011 Hoyt CEPhoto: Curves ahead!Photo: Love these curvesPhoto: Best engineering yet from HoytPhoto: Photo: Ripcord RestPhoto: RetinalIQ Lighted BowsightPhoto: RetinalIQ Bowsight!  BEST on Planet Earth!  PERIOD!Photo: Nothing better than the RetinalIQPhoto: Like I said, love those curvesPhoto: sight installedPhoto: Setting up the sightPhoto: Ripcord CodeRed Arrow RestPhoto: Best rest on the planet!Photo: RetinalIQ Bowsight setting up on Hoyt CEPhoto: Sight installed - testedPhoto: Rest and Sight installedPhoto: Adjusting for Center ShotPhoto: Center Shot adjustingPhoto: Center Shot finalizedPhoto: Center Shot validatedPhoto: Center Shot Laser AlignedPhoto: Leveling arrow restPhoto: Level check - Center Shot testingPhoto: Ready to Tie D-LoopPhoto: ONLY a D-Loop on my bow string - NO PEEP, buttons or kissersPhoto: Pure sexy curves - and a bare bow string! :) LOVE IT!Photo: 70 yard group 5 arrow from an 80# Hoyt Carbon Element