200 Photos - Feb 27, 2013
Photo: Glacier Lake below Fitz Roy at Laguna De Los TresPhoto: This is at Caminito, at Boca, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: This is what inspired the name of the little colored famous pathPhoto: Famous bar at CaminitoPhoto: At Plaza de Mayo, known to be the center for protests in ArgentinaPhoto: Monument at Plaza de MayoPhoto: Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: Casa Rosada ("Pink House"), equivalent to our White House in the US. Pretty appropriate given that Argentina has a female president right now.Photo: Soldiers at the Bicentenial museumPhoto: Puente de la mujer "The female bridge" at Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: This is in Palermo, party capital at Buenos Aires. Some clubs use their space for a market during the day.Photo: Palermo, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: The Recoleta cemetery, where tons of famous people are buried. I didn't care for the famous people but instead focused more on the architecture / design of tombstonesPhoto: Photo: Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: Here lies Evita Peron, I did not cry for her.Photo: Mezmerizing street graphite at San Telmo, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPhoto: My favorite beer in PatagoniaPhoto: Ah!Photo: In Palermo, Buenos Aires I found a cross street, Costa Rica and Fitz Roy. Pretty appropriate given my visit and that I am CostaricanPhoto: Street Graphite at Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'll call this mother nature in the city.Photo: In Palermo I saw this on the Costa Rica Avenue, a Costa Rica Hotel :)Photo: Kari showing me the local empanada goodsPhoto: Beach time, at Maintencillo, ChilePhoto: Doing the Captain Morgan at Maintencillo, ChilePhoto: Kari showed me how to Kayak herePhoto: Maitencillo, ChilePhoto: Sunset at Maitencillo, ChilePhoto: I found a rock climbing wall at a Mall in Chile. The Mall is the first mall on the planet I see dedicated 100% to sports. Its obviously called "Mall Sport". The Wall had on the right two a few 5.7 - 5.9 YDS routes and for about $20 USD you get to "try" to climb it twice to get to the top without falling. Some sort of challenge. They didn't have climbing shoes for rent, so I just bouldered for a bit.Photo: Climbing wall at Mall Sport, ChilePhoto: Mall Sport also had a surfing rig set upPhoto: Green architecture in Santiago, ChilePhoto: I meet Kari and she challenges me to Pisco drinkingPhoto: Photo: At Bariloche, ArgentinaPhoto: Bariloche, ArgentinaPhoto: I kid you fucking not, I found Tux being used for an events hall. I think they flipped Tux around :) This is at Punta Arena, Chile, the last big city at the end of the American continent.Photo: View up above at Punta Arenas, Chile. At the far end you can see the Island Tierras Del Fuego.Photo: Before sunet view of Cerro TorrePhoto: Sun starting to hit Cerro TorrePhoto: Sun blazing through Cerro TorrePhoto: I will be back... I loved this town.Photo: One day's wait to see this mountain!Photo: Photo: View of Cerro Torre from far backPhoto: Photo: Photo: View of Cerro Torre in the far back right. This has to be one of the most epic views in all of my trip.Photo: Photo: This is El Chalten. I fell in love with this little town.Photo: Van Life.. Bike Life.Photo: Road in Route 40, PatagoniaPhoto: View of Fitz Roy from far far back on Route 40, Argentina, PatagoniaPhoto: Cerro Torre was covered when I first got to itPhoto: Daughter Lake, around Fitz Roy, PatagoniaPhoto: Though shall not poop on tree, #PatagoniaPhoto: When I got to the viewing spot for Cerro Torre it was covered with fog and with tons of wind. I could not do anything but to wait it out, I read the Patagonia Vertical, the local climbing bible about climbing in Fitz Roy area to get a good appreciation of base camps, and effort required to start climbing.

The book is also flooded with all of the climbing history. Cerro Torre has an impressive and crazy climbing history.Photo: Bench at Patagonia, near Cerro TorrePhoto: My tent with view of Fitz Roy, I camped alonePhoto: When I got up to Lago De Los Tres, with view of Mount Fitz Roy in the back. This was my first time trekking alone and also camping alone. I trekked for 37.72km for a total elevation gain of 2150m. I was 4.475 km short of finishing a marathon length that day.Photo: The crystal clear glacier water at Log De Los Tres, below Fitz RoyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: At the left of Lago De Los Tres you see this, another lake with view of another set of mountains and glaciersPhoto: View of both Lakes, and Mount Fitz Roy. There is a small fiver and waterfall between both Lakes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Moving North from #FitzRoy you end up at the Lago Piedras Blancas with its respective huge Glaciar Fitz Roy Este o Piedras Blancas. This path was by no means easy to get to... you can see how steep it was on the lower left #Patagonia #ElChalten #Argentina #glacierPorn #glacierLakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Going further North and West crossing some woods you end up at Piedra Del Fraile, a camp site now declared privately owned even though climbers have been using it for decades. The Argentinian government had actually created the town of #ElChalten and likely allowed land owners to ask for land to help fight land from Chile. This site obviously flags proudly the Argentinian flag. Climbers can use this camp site to go around towards the back of glaciers but are charged as of today $20 USD, the rest of the park is free #PatagoniaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Starting viewPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Parque Nacional Perito Moreno, Perito Moreno GlaciarPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: This Glacier is TALL. Its about half the size of a football field tall.Photo: Photo: Photo: At Torres Del PainePhoto: Photo: At Torres Del PainePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A #wetsuit is to a #surfer as #trekkingpoles to a #trekker. Lightsabers rule #random. Some #glacierPorn in the background on our way to Lake Grey #TorresDelPaine #wtrek #Patagonia #ChilePhoto: Photo: Glacier Grey, Patagonia at Torres Del PainePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is probably one of my favorite views in the entire park, because it won't be there forever and it summarizes #Patagonia so far for me #wtrek #TorresDelPaine #Chile #forrestporn. The forrest is jizzing left and right here.Photo: Photo: Photo: Los Cuernos, the color difference between top and bottom are so contrasting. Perhaps a lake up there once upon a time? #wtrek #Patagonia #Chile #TorresDelPainePhoto: Photo: Jim Carrey puts it best on AceVentura: "what a lovely room of death!" But again there in lies the beauty and appreciation for #Patagonia, where death and beauty dance close together #TorresDelPaine #wtrek #Chile #TreeDeathPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The next day on our way to the French Valley we find out Campamento Italiano is closed so it meant for a bit longer trek. This is mid way facing the right side of Paine Grande #TorresDelPaine #Patagonia #wtrek #ChilePhoto: Photo: Photo: French ValleyPhoto: French Valley, Torres Del PainePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Doing the Captain Morgan stance at Torres Del Paine before sunrise.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: You drink the river water, anywhere here. Its all glacier water.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We camped here on the first night, with the sound of a little streamPhoto: Photo: This is how they get food / supplies to the local RefugiosPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: In Santiago, ChilePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is #RefugioPiedritas owned by the local club Andino Esnovino, fits max 8 folks, and was built under a huge #boulder. This is 3/4 of the way to #RefugioFrey, the next 1/4 is all steep climbing. You can camp near this Refugio on your own.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The first sight of nice rock cliffs. I came to #Bariloche as it is an easier spot to rock climb than around Fitz Roy and Torres Del Paine. Many argentinian #rockclimbers make their start at this park. You'd crash at #RefugioFrey and climb around it. Unfortunately it rained all day so... no #rockclimbing for me this time #PatagoniaPhoto: Photo: This is at #RefugioFrey in #Bariloche. When I got to the top it was hailing a bit and there insane winds... this is the best I could capture without ruining phone. I suspect the spires in the back are around where one would climb on a nice day. Oh BTW if you're looking to #rockclimb in #Patagonia in #Argentina or #Chile be sure to look into getting #rockclimbing insurance which seems to be mandated for your rock climbing permit which some places do require.Photo: Views from the airplane of Patagonia from SCL to PUQPhoto: Photo: A lot of wind here, Paine GrandePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is at Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi in #Bariloche #Argentina on the #trek to #RefugioFrey via the Arroyo Van Titter route, both ways it was 24km, and I had to cut down time by #trailrunning as otherwise the bus would leave me and I only had one day to do this. The trek/trailrun took 6 hours total. The city can be seen on the far left, its actually inside the National Park.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: