34 Photos - Jan 17, 2014
Photo: Iowa fields at sunrise - they're growing more than corn down there!Photo: Freshly planted pansies in Oklahoma in January!Photo: A little treat left outside the hotel for the neighborhood kitties! Really....Photo: When you enter a roadside Welcome Center by driving across the lawn, you need to park with the big guys.Photo: This was our typical view of Dallas.Photo: Bridges, bridges and more bridges!!Photo: San Antonio River WalkPhoto: Charm on the San Antonio RiverPhoto: River Boat toursPhoto: Photo: River Walk wildlifePhoto: Refreshment for the river cruise - that's Lowell's second beer!Photo: Photo: Lots of bridges, each with their own unique stylePhoto: Such a treat to see blooming flowers - looks like they are getting ready for Valentines DayPhoto: St. Joseph Catholic Church - the first church in San Antonio - not only do they have a Mariachi Mass - they have Mass in German!!!Photo: The Hilton Palacio del Rio - built for the 1968 World's Fair.  Each room was built completely off site as a cube - then transported to the site and stacked together. I think it should be the Hilton Lego ...Photo: Bells on the Arneson Theater Stage - representing the 5 missions of San Diego. The theater stage in on one side of the river, seating on the other!Photo: Photo: The Tower of Life BuildingPhoto: Nix Medical Center - an operational hospital on the River Walk - with a bar in the basement! Dick's Last Resort.  Several famous people were born here - the only one I can remember is Tommy Lee Jones :-)Photo: Nix Medical CenterPhoto: River Walk BridgePhoto: Our dinnertime view -Photo: Our dinnertime drinks!Photo: Seafood Paella at Joe'sPhoto: Our dinnersPhoto: The view at dinnerPhoto: We walked past the Alamo on our way back to our hotel.Photo: The AlamoPhoto: Full moon over the AlamoPhoto: oh yeah - no road trip would be complete without some of this!Photo: Tower of the Americas - from the 1968 World's FairPhoto: Valley of the Palms - this is the cluse that we're getting close to Mom and Dad's Paradise Park!