20 Photos - Feb 5, 2012
Photo: My wife like's to keep our fruit tray full with fresh fruit. It's something that always makes me feel grateful when I see it but I have never mentioned it to her.Photo: This morning, the colors and vibrance of our fruit tray struck me as beautiful.Photo: For some reason, I find it reassuring when our fruit tray is full of ripe colorfull fruit.Photo: As accessible and available as my wife keeps our family fruit tray - I rarely eat any of it unless she peels and prepares it for me.Photo: The colors in this image denote vibrant health to me.Photo: This cheap Walmart Mr. Coffee Espresso machine is probably my favorite kitchen device.Photo: My morning ritual would not feel complete or right without my first cup of americano.Photo: For a brief time my wife lived in Seattle before we were married and she became somewhat of a coffee afficiando. We were married for a number of years before I decided to try one of her 'fancy' coffees. I have since became a snob and refuse to drink drip coffee unless it is some sort of an emergency.Photo: My good buddy - Mr. CoffeePhoto: We have an old convenience store display case that we use in lieu of a traditional refrigerator. It is always a source of conversation when folks visit for the first time.Photo: Our display case fridge allows one to browse and peruse our stores without holding the door open.Photo: Although this is not an image of food; my wife's collection of old and antique silver connotes abundance and family tradition to me whenever I look ay it.Photo: At times I think about polishing my wife's antique silver collection to surprise her; but I always change my mind because I prefer this burnished look.Photo: A shot of one shelf in our pantry. Again - this looks like abundance to me.Photo: My Mom has taken it upon herself to continuously keep us supplied with pistachios. I think she believes it triggers good luck and abundance to always have a supply of them.Photo: I have had countless wonderful conversations around the kitchen table while shelling and snacking on pistachios.Photo: Pistachios are one of my favorite nuts and yet I do not like pistachio flavored anything. I would not touch pistachio ice cream with a ten foot pole.Photo: Fresh strawberries in the fridge translates into 'we are ok financially' to me. My wife rarely buys strawberries when we are broke.Photo: Strawberries dipped in brown sugar reminds me of all the precious times that my wife and I had the house to ourselves and... well, use your imagination :)Photo: I am considering a switch to a health and nutrition focused diet.