15 Photos - Oct 18, 2007
Photo: Precious khatchkar (carved stone cross) at Echmiadzin, Armenia's Vatican.Photo: Echmaidzin Cathedral's relatively recent bell tower on the ancient building.Photo: Mick and Mt Ararat that looms over the Armenian capital, Yerevan.Photo: Eternal flame at the Armenian Genocide Museum, Yerevan.Photo: Ancient Roman Garni TemplePhoto: Geghard monasteryPhoto: Grapes on the Ararat plain, which the mountain suddenly grows out of, and Khor Virap monastery.Photo: Noravank monastery which seemed to spring out of the mountains surrounding it. Those steps brought nearly everyone who climbed them a bash on the head.Photo: Us at Zorakarer, like stonehenge only older and cruder.Photo: Mick and Gagik at his grandfather's cave-dwelling town outside Goris, now abandoned.Photo: Mick and Gagik at Selim Caravansari and mountain pass.Photo: Waved over to join men enjoying vodka and the view at Selim Pass.Photo: Large khachkar cemetery on the shores of Lake Sevan.Photo: Joining cheerful locals for vodka at Hayravank monastery, Lake Sevan.Photo: Haghartsin monastery nestled in forest on a mountainside.