27 Photos - Oct 18, 2007
Photo: Stalin Museum in GoriPhoto: At the feet of Mother Georgia. She shines down on Tbilisi, sword and wine bowl in her hands.Photo: Gorgeous Georgian church in TbilisiPhoto: Stone work at the Ananuri Church complexPhoto: Mighty Mt. Kazbek at 5047mPhoto: Holy Trinity Church above Kazbegi villagePhoto: Our guide for the day, well-prepared Roland, as well as our Tbilisi friend Lasha and Mick.Photo: Ancient tower under restoration in Truso GorgePhoto: Ice cold mineral spring that Roland lept into three times, and dashed out howling each time.Photo: Mick, Suzanne and Caucasian puppy at the Georgian party in Kazbegi. He was huge, and hadn't finished growing. A total softie.Photo: Crazy Gorem's idea of breakfast, KazbegiPhoto: Ruslan, Lasha, Gorem and Mick the morning after the night beforePhoto: Suzanne and the view from our military helicopter trip to SvanetiPhoto: Caucasian Mountains of SvanetiPhoto: Our helicopter after arrival in SvanetiPhoto: Mestia village, SvanetiPhoto: Ancient stone towers of Ushguli, Svaneti. The highest permanently occupied village in Europe they say, but aren't we in Asia?Photo: Mick on a horse ride, UshguliPhoto: Georgia wine labelled for the Chinese market, Kakheti regionPhoto: Locals at our guesthouse, Omalo, Tusheti regionPhoto: Stone towers above OmaloPhoto: Mick, our host Vaja and his massive and loveable Caucasian dog, Loma.Photo: The village water supply, Shenako, TushetiPhoto: Pretty cows were in greater number than people in Shenako - the villagers had mostly moved to the low lands for winter.Photo: Road out of TushetiPhoto: Flocks of sheep being drived down from the Tusheti mountains for the winterPhoto: The Georgian Off-Road Club pushing through a flock down from Tusheti