34 Photos - Oct 18, 2007
Photo: A fairy chimney of CappadociaPhoto: CappadociaPhoto: A caravanserai of eastern Turkey, ancient equivalent of a roadhousePhoto: The crowd watching sunrise on Mt NemrutPhoto: Ancient stone heads and funerary mound on top of Mt. Nemrut, Eastern Terrace, at dawn.Photo: Us as the sun rises on the king's facePhoto: Western terrace of Mt Nemrut with stunning mountain sceneryPhoto: Beehive houses of Harran, one of the oldest continuously inhabited spots on Earth.Photo: Pilgrims feeding the holy carp, UrfaPhoto: Urfa BazaarPhoto: Noice, Different, Unusual. I bought the scarf, god knows how they wear the rest in the heat.Photo: Garbage collection in MardinPhoto: The roasting plains of Mesopotamia, MardinPhoto: Sunset on the roof of a medresesi, MardinPhoto: Flocks being driven to the Tigris River across from historic HasankeyfPhoto: View from Hasankeyf FortressPhoto: Old graveyard on top of Hasankeyf FortressPhoto: Yellow mountain ranges over a cemetery, HasankeyfPhoto: A restaurant in the Tigris RiverPhoto: Mick and Seljuk cemetery, north shore of Van LakePhoto: Mick and the volanic lake ontop of the other Mt. NemrutPhoto: Stone carvings at the Armenia church of the Holy Cross, Akdamar Island, Van LakePhoto: Looking across Van Lake from the Armenia churchPhoto: The world's first flushing squat toilet? Royal Urartian loo from 700 BC.Photo: Hoshap Castle, south of VanPhoto: Our entertaining Van guide who had Mick dancingPhoto: Her eyes! Van cat in quarantine at the universityPhoto: Ishak Pasha Palace, near DogubayazitPhoto: Us and Noah's Ark - apparentlyPhoto: Awe inspiring Mt. Ararat at 5,137mPhoto: Walking through the walls into the ruined ancient Armenia capital, Ani.Photo: Religious buildings those only to survive the earthquakes / lightening strikes that over time leveled Ani.Photo: Church of the Redeemer ruins with the Cathedral behind, AniPhoto: Suzanne and the mighty Armenia church, over a thousand years old, Ani