15 Photos - Jul 10, 2007
Photo: 20kms of black sand beach at UlcinjPhoto: Is this Vietnam or Montenegro? Fish traps at UlcinjPhoto: Local beach at Ulcinj, our favorite coastal spot in MontenegroPhoto: Old town of UlcinjPhoto: Dizzy heights from the fortress behind stunning KotorPhoto: Suzanne, Kotor Fortress and flanking mountainsPhoto: Montenegrian coastline near BudvarPhoto: Lovely little town of PerastPhoto: Fancy fire truck in PerastPhoto: Ostrog Monastary high in the mountainsPhoto: The faithfully visiting the saints bones at Ostrog MonastaryPhoto: Durmitor NPPhoto: Our shadows at sunset on the lush fields surrounding Durmitor NPPhoto: Bright colours of Crna Jezera (Black Lake) in Durmitor NPPhoto: Tara Canyon second (longest / deepest / something like that) in Europe