21 Photos - May 29, 2007
Photo: Bunkers on the beachPhoto: Suzanne on a bunkerPhoto: Fish for lunch... yummo!Photo: The boys from KosovoPhoto: Our private beachPhoto: Ottoman houses at Berati viewed from the fortressPhoto: Ottoman homes in BeratiPhoto: Colourful buildings in TiranaPhoto: Colourful buildings in TiranaPhoto: Ferry on Lake KomaniPhoto: Florian and Mick in Valbona ValleyPhoto: The Accursed MountainsPhoto: Traditional home in ValbonaPhoto: Hiking the Accursed MountainsPhoto: Suzanne and Florian climbing the Valbona PassPhoto: Florian, Zeni (local shepherd) and Mick after crossing the Valbona PassPhoto: Mick and NonaPhoto: Graves in the Theth ValleyPhoto: Refuge tower in Theth ValleyPhoto: Drinking RakiPhoto: Mick, Suzanne and Florian in Theth