38 Photos - Dec 17, 2013
Photo: Eric '03 and Tara Ply '05 Anderson's children, Eric Jr. and Ella.Photo: Jim '87 and Emily Behling's son Mason.Photo: Jackson, son of Andy '07 and Jackie McNabb '05 StoltzPhoto: Candy '06 and Carrie '06 AndersonPhoto: Brian '89 and Amy Heller '89 Copple with Moli and MattPhoto: Aaron '07 and Sara Bangert '08 Davis with Charlotte.Photo: Emerson Drue, daughter of Brandon '97 and Brooke FentonPhoto: Ryan '07 and Leah Uphoff '05 Hansen with Elsie and AndrewPhoto: The Henry FamilyPhoto: Kain, son of Stephanie Adkins '06 and Zachari Reynolds.Photo: Kamryn Marie, daughter of Kim Capretz '03 and Mike Hasty.Photo: Craig '01 and Lisa Grumbine '04 Maynard's sons, Eli and Zeke.Photo: Mayuko, daughter of Chieko Nagase '06.Photo: Matt '96 and Dawn La Follette '96 Shipman's daughters, Lucy and Lilly.Photo: Tyler '03, Amy Gustin '03 and Gwyneth Stroo.Photo: Terry '08 and Hillary Gerkin '08 Vaughn with daughters Dakota and Damara.Photo: Bryon '03 and Alicia Deer '03 Zeone's children, Avery and Brennan.Photo: Torrie Turner Jones Buchanan '02, husband Chris and daughter River.Photo: The Fishers - Kelly, Jason and Emma.Photo: Andrew '05 and Dani Jo Bryan '08 Genandt with children Aria and Kingston.Photo: Jacob '08 and Bethany Thacker '09 Foor's daughter KeziahPhoto: The Fausers - Jeff '05, Danielle Marcum '06, Leo and Landon.Photo: Oliver '06 and Moriah Thacker '06 Bade's children: Victoria and Oliver IV.Photo: Marlana Bussey '04 Dalton's daughters.Photo: Mike and Melissa Jenkins '96 Egenes and daughters.Photo: Michael '08 and Emily Winner '09 FredericksPhoto: Josh '02 and Kelly Gschwend with Ethan and Hannah.Photo: Jon '06, Stacie and Noah HacklerPhoto: Ian, son of Tina Durre '08 and Brian GreenPhoto: Joel '01, Raggin, Kenley and Lincoln SondgerothPhoto: Tracy Jenkins '95 Stewart and familyPhoto: Mia Stortzum '03 Scott with Michael, Mavin and Teddy.Photo: Ollie and Charlie, children of Jonathan '07 and Karisa Fluegel '07 Yeagle.Photo: Mike '68 and Ruth Herron '74 Shasteen  and family family with The Becks - Rick '70 and Pat Shasteen '70 Beck, Kristen Beck Sullivan '96, Nathan '98 and Karin Beck '99 Meyer and familyPhoto: Luke, son of Tony '04 and Carlea WestPhoto: Curt '87, Shellie Smith '87, Lauren '14 and Katie SchwankePhoto: Jude, son of John '05 and Ashleigh '07 BennetPhoto: Reagyn, daughter of Nick '06 and Casey Verkler '09 Dunham