24 Photos - Jan 2, 2013
Photo: Limited dynamic range, but not bad for a phone camera. Looks like digital cameras from early 2000s.Photo: Digital zoom about halfway. Any further, and the pixels start looking rough.Photo: Not bad.Photo: Photo: Not bad either, too bad about blowout in upper right.Photo: Photo: Not sure why I had digital zoom on, could have just walked closer.Photo: Ahhh, breathe deep, a smog-free day.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Should have tried the HDR mode here.Photo: The views from the home with the butterfly roof must be nice (last house on Macapa Dr).Photo: The horse rehab near the top of the canyon.Photo: Photo: Photo: Should've brought a real camera today.Photo: Man Beast rules!Photo: My place: one of the little buildings under the big tower on the right.  Digital zoom makes the sky look dirty, it was actually very clear today.Photo: The ruins down below are worth exploring, along with the faerie ring (next time).Photo: Most oft-ignored sign in the park.Photo: Sheryl Crow's place.Photo: Main house on Sheryl Crow estate. It's for sale: http://www.vistacanyonestate.com/Photo: Looking down Vista St.