46 Photos - Mar 7, 2009
Photo: Original Top.  Note tail and pressure dingsPhoto: Original bottom with fin removed.  Big ding by caster logo and the tail looks bad.  You can kinda see the stress fractures that start below the logo and continue down to the dark spot on the bottom of the boardPhoto: Original tail with spray paint removed.  Asymetrical and not very rounded.Photo: Photo: Photo: Original Fin, good sidePhoto: Original fin, bad side.  The veneer was removed, and just glassed over.  The foam is filling in the middle of the fin.Photo: Photo: Sanded existing veneer down for new wood.Photo: Different angle of foam fillingPhoto: Good side with fiberglass almost removed.Photo: New oak veneer added and foiled into the finPhoto: The bottom foil matches.  kinda.  Its a little off on the far right because I hit one side to hard at the bottom.  It was fixed in the later stages.Photo: Bottom sanded to the glass.  Tail not fixed yet.Photo: Close up.  Sanded through to the foam at one spot.Photo: Tail template and measurements for the pin lines, colors, and other notes to myselfPhoto: Tail templatePhoto: Tail with new template drawn onPhoto: New tail, glassed over.Photo: Top after sanding.  Only went through the gloss coat, no big problems.Photo: New fin added and sanded down.  Ready for paint and sanding coat.Photo: Top dings fixed and filled.  Black pinline redone.Photo: Yellow pinline done.Photo: Closeup of pinlinesPhoto: Tail painted and generously filled.Photo: Sanded and ready for glossPhoto: Tail section blended and filled in.  Ready for glossPhoto: pinlines sanded down.Photo: Gloss on top.  Took 9 hours to set. You can almost see the paint line on the tail sectionPhoto: Photo: Gloss lightly sandedPhoto: Gloss after wet/dry sandingPhoto: Still not shiny enough.  A little dull because there is no reflections in the picture.Photo: Kinda shiny, but could be better.  This is after 1 coat of buffing compound.Photo: "Just finishing up the second coat right now"  Benny helped polish the last bit.  You can tell its shinier because you see a reflection which is missing from the previous pics.Photo: Photo: Photo: 3 coats with buffing compound = shiny board.Photo: 4 pads, 3 towels, and 6 sheets of sandpaper to get it shiny.Photo: Top finishedPhoto: Bottom FinishedPhoto: Tail done.  Can still see a little cut line going across the tail.Photo: Top of tail.  Cant see the paint line.Photo: Nice and shiny!! With the dealer swirl marks........Doh.Photo: Shiny no swirl marks.Photo: All the ladies lined up in a row.  All restored except the white one.  It has channels so who knows when that will get done.