152 Photos - Sep 9, 2012
Photo: Water's edge 24x36 $750Photo: She'd always loved geometry 20x24 $500Photo: Forest Pool 30x47 $800Photo: Evening Fire 24 x 36 SOLDPhoto: Olympic View SOLD 24x36 $800Photo: Rainy Day view (diptych) 24x36 $800Photo: Distant Echoes 24 x 36 $750Photo: On Blackwater Pond 24x24 $400Photo: Entering the Mystery 24x30 $600Photo: Okanagan Fire 16x40 $600Photo: Eagle Harbor Reflections 30x40 $800Photo: South Beach 24x30 $500Photo: Lost at Sea 36 x 48 $1200Photo: Phoenix Rising 30" x 48" $800 (Diptych)Photo: Indian Summer 24x36 $750Photo: Surfacing 30 x 40 $600  (2nd prize at Kitsap Arts Festival)Photo: Catherine's Light 20x24 $400Photo: Nautilus' Dream 36x36 $950Photo: Coming Home 24x24 $600Photo: After 911 16x40 $800Photo: Papered Over  30x40 $600Photo: Blues in the Night 24 x 30 $500Photo: Resistance 24 x 36 $750Photo: Yellow Brick Road 24x30 $600Photo: Chelan Fire 36x48 $1200Photo: Winter Beach 24 x 36 $800Photo: Taking the Leap 24 x 24 $400Photo: Afternoon Lagoon 30x48 $800Photo: Year of the Dragon 10 x 30 $300Photo: Distracted 36 x 36 $750Photo: Cloud Dreaming 16x40 $400Photo: Clouds and Rain 24x24 SOLDPhoto: Creative Passion 24 x 30 $500Photo: Peace 24x30 $600Photo: Overlooking the Falls 24x24 $400Photo: Nesting 24 x 36 $600Photo: Forward Movement 24x24 $300Photo: Eagle Harbor Fog 24x30 $500Photo: A Thirst for Color 16 x 40 $500Photo: What Lies Beneath 24x36 $500Photo: Dousing the Fire SOLDPhoto: Two Roads Diverged 24x24 $500Photo: Seaside Reflections SOLD 24x48Photo: The Labor Pool 24x30 $600Photo: Temper, Temper 36x49 $600Photo: Smugglers' Cove 16x20 $300Photo: Winter Solstice 16 x 40 $400Photo: Happy Dance 16x20 $150Photo: Squaring off 24 x 24 $300Photo: Lands End 16 x 24 SOLDPhoto: Gray Day in the Harbor 24x30 $600Photo: Goldfingered Clouds $600 24x36Photo: Study in Blues 24x30 $400Photo: Tiptoe toward the moon 24x36 $400Photo: Waterfront Fireworks 20x24 $200Photo: Sullivan's Beach 16x40 SOLDPhoto: Still of the Night 24x36 $400Photo: Fire on the Bayou SOLD 30x40Photo: Heartbroken 30 x 40 $6000Photo: Courageous SOLD 20x24Photo: Venetian Perspectives 24x36 $550Photo: Fading Light SOLD 24x30Photo: Arc of the Covenant 24x24 $300Photo: Boxing Day 24 x 30 $400Photo: View from Broken Point 24x36 SOLDPhoto: Mood Indigo SOLD 24x24Photo: North Beach Afternoon 24x30 $400Photo: Heron Flight 24 x 36 $700Photo: I saw three ships 24x30 $400Photo: Birds Gotta Swim 24x36 $400Photo: Heron's Gold 24 x 36 $600Photo: April Showers 24x24 $300Photo: In my solitude SOLDPhoto: Conflict and resolution 30x40 $650Photo: The Fire Inside 24x24 $400Photo: Editorials 24x36 $500Photo: Highest Tide 24x30 $500Photo: City Snow 24 x 30 $400Photo: Mystic Spirit SOLDPhoto: Midnight Reflections
SOLDPhoto: Valley of Mist SOLD 24x30Photo: Shorelines 24x30 $400Photo: Set Construction SOLD 24x36Photo: When the heart waits 24 x 36 $450Photo: Mystic Pony 24x30 $400Photo: Light in the Forest SOLD 24 x 30Photo: Beachtime Blues SOLD 20 x 24Photo: Waiting for Godot SOLD 24 x 30Photo: Spirit Within SOLD 24 x 30Photo: World's a stage SOLD 24 x 30 $600Photo: Tropicana  SOLD 24x30Photo: Deep Water Joy SOLD 16 x 20Photo: Slow to Heal SOLD 30x40Photo: Valentine's Dance 24 x 36 $500Photo: Gurdjieff SOLD 24 x 30Photo: Reflections SOLD 20 x 24Photo: Everglades SOLD 24x30Photo: Ode to Joy 24 x 30 $350Photo: Light in the Piazza SOLD 24x36 $650Photo: Backstage 24 x 24 SOLDPhoto: Oklahoma Storm 24 x 30 $300Photo: Between the lines 20x20 SOLDPhoto: Fragmented SOLD 20 x 24Photo: Gathering Clouds 24 x 36 $500Photo: Hydrangea Fantasy 24 x 30 SOLDPhoto: Rule of Thirds 28 x 37 $500Photo: Hoboken Memories 24 x 30 $400Photo: Troubled Hearts SOLD 24 x 36Photo: October Snow 24 x 30 $300Photo: Midsummer Moon SOLD 16x20Photo: Refugees 16 x 20 $350Photo: Flight of the Egret SOLDPhoto: Fantasia 11 x 14 $200Photo: Intermission 12 x 12 $200Photo: Going Coastal SOLD 16 x 20Photo: Rainforest 16 x 20 $150Photo: Twilight SOLD 11 x 14Photo: Spill Control 16 x 20 $225Photo: Kandinsky butcher paper NFSPhoto: Ascension SOLD 12 x 12Photo: Make a Splash! 16x20 $100Photo: Giverny SOLD 16 x 20Photo: Nora 11 x 14 $250Photo: Watergate 11 x 14 $75Photo: Doug's Boat 20x24 $150Photo: Woman at Prayer 24x24 $150Photo: STAGE FRIGHT 22 x 28 $250Photo: Summer on the Spit SOLD 24 x 30Photo: DISTANT HILLS 12x36 $200Photo: While my guitar gently weeps SOLD 15x30Photo: Unwrapping Christmas 24x36 $550Photo: Peace Tree 24x36 $400Photo: Moondance SOLD 20x24Photo: Dreamwalker 20 x 24 $200Photo: In Patagonia 11 x 14 SOLDPhoto: Across the Sound (3 8x10s): ALL SOLD $75 apiecePhoto: Lunar Eclipse 24x24 $300Photo: Echoing Shores SOLD 16 x 2Photo: Synesthesia 15 x 30 $300Photo: The Labor Pool 24x30 $800Photo: Pools of Autumn 18x24 $500Photo: Out to Sea 24x36 $750Photo: Winter's Moon 24x36 $600Photo: That Inner Flame 24x30 $600Photo: Cold Comfort 24x48 $1200Photo: Shore Lines 24x36 $800Photo: Deep Sea Dreaming 30x40 $800Photo: Sailor Moon 30x40 $800Photo: Perfect Storm 18x24 $600Photo: Behind the Saffron Curtain 24x30 $500Photo: Collateral Damage 24x48 $900Photo: Ode to Narayama (diptych) 32x40 $980