24 Photos - Mar 29, 2012
Photo: Photo: Keremeos Columns Provincial ParkPhoto: Photo: Lichen covered stone columns, Keremeos Columns Provincial Park.Photo: It's Saturday and that means two things (no one of them is not #Caturday )!  First, it's #StoneSaturday hosted by +Jen Baptist and +Antoine Berger!  And second, it's #EarthPatternSaturday hosted by +Annette Gretler and +Beat Gretler!

I live in an area blessed with an abundance of fascinating stones, many of which are varieties of cherts, jasper and chalcedony in shades of green, cream, red and purple.  These multicoloured rocks originate high on the cliff faces of Puddin' Head Mountain and are found scattered in the massive talus slopes (one of which is illustrated in the background of this photo) that flank the mountain.  And some of the rocks even display fantastically patterned bands like the large boulder in the foreground of this photo.

While setting up this shot I realized that the clouds also resembled the stripped patterns on the rock in the foreground!  An added and welcome bonus!  :)

This photo was taken with my Canon PowerShot G9 point and shoot at its widest setting (equivalent of 35mm on a full-frame sensor).  I used f8 to maximize DOF and used a shutter speed of 1/50th of a second.  I used a Singh-Ray LB Circular Polarizer (Cool Tone) to darken the sky and accentuate the clouds and remove excess reflection from the rocks.

#LandscapePhotography hosted by +Margaret Tompkins(and many others).
+Earth Pattern Saturday +Stone Saturday Photo: Here's a wider view of the talus slides I mentioned in this post (http://goo.gl/3LMmp).

Keremeos and Cawston have many spectacular slides like this!

Here's an interesting fact about the local talus slopes:  before Europeans arrived in the area it was common practice for the local first nations to bury their deceased in the the talus!  Graves were marked with sticks and contained all manner of grave goods for the deceased's life in the Afterworld.  Talus burials continued into the early part of the twentieth century when they were abandoned for Christian burials in cemteries!

#LandscapePhotography +Margaret Tompkins (et. al.)Photo: I took this shot nearly two months ago while in Manning Park (British Columbia) shooting lichens and fungi on a typical westcoast spring day with constant rain and a nonstop breeze!  And after a twenty minute hike down what could loosely be called a trail (it was more of a small stream than anything) I arrived at this small cascade next to an abandoned mine adit!  I had time for about a half dozen exposures (this one and another of an abandoned mine truck several metres from this scene were the only keepers) before my one and only battery died!   So I packed my gear up and slogged back down the stream trail and called it a day!

I used a six second exposure to get the silky effect in the water but being so breezy the surrounding foliage also ended up blurry!  So in post I decided to accentuate the motion blur by applying Nik Filters' Glamour Glow.  I think it turned out pretty well!

#WaterfallWednesday curated by +Eric Leslie
#LandscapePhotography curated by +Margaret Tompkins Photo: This Ponderosa Pine is growing out of a large crack in a giagantic boulder high above Vaseux Lake in the southern Okanagan (British Columbia). I had to climb an equally large boulder to get this shot! This is prime California Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis californiana) habitat and a large resident population is usually spotted high on the surrounding cliffs. Although no Bighorn Sheep were spotted on this trip I did spot numerous birds of prey and more lichens than I could shake a stick at (if I were inclined to shake a stick at lichens)! Note all the lichens covering the boulders!

Vaseux Lake in the valley below is an important bird sanctuary where numerous waterfowl gather and nest. A boardwalk has been constructed to protect the fragile wetlands and a large blind erected for stealthy viewing (and photographing) of which ever birds are in season!

#TreeTuesday +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers
#LichenPoker +Chris MalloryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: One from the archives for #TreeTuesday (curated by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers).

A beautiful Arbutus or Madrona Tree (Arbutus menziesii) at the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.Photo: Pine Tree on Sandstone at the Malaspina Galleries on Galiano Island.