30 Photos - Jun 20, 2013
Photo: Baby cows at KotrbaPhoto: Baby fox at KotrbaPhoto: I'm hungry!Photo: Photo: Amanda and Adella counting parasites..a task that requires beer while you workPhoto: Photo: Kittens at KrausPhoto: Photo: Males with their streamers swappedPhoto: Photo: Record breaking streamers...sadly no longer attached to their ownerPhoto: The longest and the shortest streamers were swappedPhoto: Photo: Measuring sperm motility and concentrationPhoto: Head measurement: lengthPhoto: Head measurement: widthPhoto: Head measurement: depth (this is my favorite)Photo: Amanda teaching her bird-watching buddy how to let a bird goPhoto: It wasn't as exciting as she thought it would bePhoto: materials for streamer manipulationPhoto: Ready for placementPhoto: Photo: Placing the streamers on a malePhoto: Olda was really excited about giving this male some longer streamersPhoto: Evil Scientist Amanda glued a louse fly to a pinPhoto: Photo: teamwork!Photo: Photo: Photo: A beautiful sunset after a long day's work