23 Photos - Feb 2, 2012
Photo: Walking to the Dublin Convention Center. There's a boat!Photo: Approaching the DCCPhoto: The Dublin Convention Center and harp bridgePhoto: Interaction 12 begins!Photo: The Great IxDA Debate!Photo: GE's Vscan handheld ultrasound device. I got to look at my heart. The Post It is for scale.Photo: My team's GE healthcare design challenge team solution: The UltraScopePhoto: Interaction Awards. Snazzy stuff.Photo: The Guinness Storehouse. Very Gotham.Photo: Closing party at the Guinness Storehouse. Seven floors of museum and bars.Photo: One of the bars in the Guinness Storehouse.Photo: Myself in festive attire in front of Guinness memorabiliaPhoto: An apparently rare variety of Guinness. Tasty.Photo: Some huge Millenium Spire thing.Photo: Charismatic accordionist on the streets of Dublin.Photo: Didn't expect this; probably shouldn't be surprised.Photo: Where is this brand even from?Photo: Some surreally creepy art students.Photo: It's water from a beer tap. Yeah.Photo: Dublin CastlePhoto: Some brick snake maze things by the castlePhoto: St. Patrick's CathedralPhoto: Irish alcohol-based presents for the office