Photo: Droid Mk5 - The Micro Hovertank
Photo: The Droid Mk7 is delivered to the planet surface by cruiser to suck up resources and dish out droids. A huge floating factory.
Photo: A rear shot of the Droid Mk 7 factory.
Photo: I had an impromptu day off today and spent it engaging in nerdy pursuits, including some work on the Fleet Setting front cover. It's taken a long time and is still a work in progress but I like where it's going.

I need to put some more Droids into the picture and then a Stone dropship before finishing off with some post-production tweaking and finally some text. 
Photo: I sat down this evening to work on an image where a Droid Mk 4 fighter is being chased by a Fleet Stub Wing and I ended up remodelling the Stub Wing. This is slightly embarrassing because I've previously vowed not to remodel it again. However it just wasn't quite right. Here's the work in progress.
A rear shot of the Droid Mk 7 factory.
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