20 Photos - Oct 1, 2014
Photo: back panel - remove 4 screws inside VESA mount to take off, then snap off front bezel w/plastic pry tool.Photo: back cover half-removed - USB 3 port mounted inside the back cover prevents it from fully coming off.Photo: Back panel completely removed, USB port separated.Photo: Logic board mounted upside down inside metal cage.Photo: STDP9320 HDMI receiver -> LVDS.Photo: STDP4028 LVDS to eDP converter (for HDMI->eDP portion)Photo: STDP9320 one of the two tile drivers eDP -> LVDSPhoto: Overall logic board, can see 3x STDP9320  and associated DDR SDRAM blocks.Photo: DP/Mini DP switch ICPhoto: USB3 hubs (SMSC something or other)Photo: Another USB3 hubPhoto: USB3 SD Card readerPhoto: 10bit LVDS connectors, there are 4 of them, 2 per tile.Photo: Slightly more narrow LVDS connector.Photo: Logic board IDPhoto: Back side of logic board IDPhoto: Back side of one of STDP9320 driversPhoto: Backside of another STDP9320. The entire design is copypasted across the PCB.Photo: There's a fucking PIC16F or PIC18F on there. Probably the thing that does that horrible unevenly pulsing power button.Photo: LG 4K panel, 10bit (8bit+FRC), 4 10bit LVDS inputs (ABCDE+clock) x4, and RGBW backlight.