8 Photos - Jul 20, 2013
Photo: Photo: Driver board shields removedPhoto: A - EDID eeprom
B - ParadeTech DP635 T-CON
C - Couple DC/DC converters
D - Unknown use i7990 chip
E - Hiding behind metal shield is A2=EE chip
F - Backlight connectorPhoto: A - EDID eeprom access pins - standard I2C stuffPhoto: Backlight assembly, 6 channels per bar, 2 bars.Photo: A - 3A, 32V Fuse
B - Backlight connectors, HirosePhoto: Backlight labelPhoto: Unknown A2=EE R1R chip hiding under the metal shield. Certainly looks like a DC/DC converter because of nearby coils but there's already 2 of those near the center of the board...