116 Photos - Oct 27, 2013
Photo: Thane in pumpkinsPhoto: Thane at apple pickingPhoto: Grey looks thrilled, doesn't he?Photo: Grey in feats of strengthPhoto: Moo!Photo: He was udderly intrigued.Photo: Thane was excited about the Bouncy housePhoto: Oh, the wonderful thing about Tiggers!Photo: Among the farm wildlife - a fuzzy caterpillarPhoto: Thane attempts the hammerPhoto: Thane loves apple cider donuts!Photo: Grey contemplates a bunnyPhoto: Boarding a pirate shipPhoto: Thane and I played hide-and-seek with the cameraPhoto: GotchaPhoto: Photo: Thane.Photo: Backlit boy!Photo: Escaping through the port hole.Photo: I probably got more real smiles in camera hide and seek than in 20 requests to please smile.Photo: It was one of those glorious color days.Photo: Grey finds a hole.Photo: Rare footage of me with the boys.Photo: Hugs and kisses.Photo: Thane brings me an apple.Photo: Grey brings his contributions.Photo: Grey and I hanging out.Photo: This is so my life.Photo: My boys and me.Photo: How I love them.Photo: Grey and me.Photo: I would NEVER tickle him.Photo: Grey and mom.Photo: Grey and MomPhoto: There are some really nice pictures here. I hate to delete one.Photo: Grey and me.Photo: Do you see the turtle? Neither did teh boys.Photo: Thane's soccer team, the Gunnars. With Ian and Alexander.Photo: Playing "crack the whip"Photo: Soccer kids having funPhoto: Grey finds a loving message in the Fells after the gamePhoto: What a handsome kid.Photo: Climbing the hill in the FellsPhoto: Thane was more interested in his stick than the picture.Photo: Hug.Photo: I can't figure out how the water bottle is being held.Photo: They are cute!Photo: I'm pretty sure that's not how you're supposed to come down the slide, Adam.Photo: Photo: Thane LOVES rough-housingPhoto: GoofballsPhoto: They went down together like 30 timesPhoto: I went down once tooPhoto: Time for some ticklesPhoto: Wait! There's another kid here!Photo: This is very likely the absolute last time you'll see this. He's too bigPhoto: But still - that's some good height!Photo: Grey tries to talk his dad into doingj it againPhoto: Not quite so high.Photo: Look at the effort on Adam's face!Photo: Dizzy...Photo: The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!Photo: ThanePhoto: For the record, this was a very bad ideaPhoto: But he had good height!Photo: Thane in the woodsPhoto: Spot Pond was gloriousPhoto: Leaf pile!Photo: Grey was looking forward to this!Photo: Gotta rake if you wanna jumpPhoto: Working hard for the fun!Video: Thane reading, just before his 5th birthday.Photo: Library pizza nightPhoto: The Ninja & SpyroPhoto: And their weird dadPhoto: Bad anime poses all around!Photo: I got this from the South School raffle. It's very cool - a map of Stoneham from the 19th centuryPhoto: Milling around before trick or treating at Thane's birthday partyPhoto: Lining up....Photo: The trick or treatersPhoto: Is Grey smiling? Hard to tell.Photo: Smile!Photo: I keep looking for one with majority smiles...Photo: Headed out for loot.Photo: Super heros this way!Photo: Bring on the candy!Photo: Mischief comes to StonehamPhoto: Super Cab!Photo: Crossing the streetPhoto: A black widow spiderPhoto: A fairy and her momPhoto: Is it candy time yet?Photo: Super good friendsPhoto: Althea and AlexanderPhoto: Grey shows off the lootPhoto: Waiting for popcornPhoto: Popcorn!Photo: We have some fun, we paint some heads.Photo: Wild times!Photo: Happy birthday Thane! Happy fifth.Photo: Scooby doo and Skylanders!Photo: Thanks grandmaPhoto: Starting in on LegosPhoto: Halfway throughPhoto: Greece's goaliePhoto: Gillian watches the gamePhoto: Thane doing drillsPhoto: Does anyone with a background in physics know what happened next?Photo: Seconds after this, Shrey made the best save I've seen so far.Photo: Photo: Grey was super proud of ShreyPhoto: Gunnars at playPhoto: Thane in motionPhoto: Adam and Thane walking off the fieldVideo: Video: Thane in soccer