11 Photos - May 29, 2013
Photo: suuuuuper expensive but fun to see something familiarPhoto: mmmm real Mexican-style fajitas after the assembly.  Look!  Ron can't wait to dig inPhoto: Look how beautiful Tico money is.  They really concern themselves with preserving naturePhoto: Yes that's golden pineapple AND strawberries all on the same plate.  I managed to eat strawberries every single day I was in Costa Rica!Photo: The house I stayed at.  They left their porch furniture out at night and it didn't get stolen!  We're not in Nicaragua anymore, Ollie.Photo: me and the gals out for Tex-Mex in AlajuelaPhoto: chimichanga, refried beans, Mexican rice, pico de gallo, and guacPhoto: Something I haven't seen since the U.S.....a park!  Look how well-maintained and clean it is!Photo: me with Chris and Ron Carr during the SAD in San JosePhoto: Chris gifted me a bookmark a sis in her cong sent down with her to give to need greaters.  I love it!Photo: shoe shopping ahhhhh