34 Photos - May 6, 2013
Photo: look at my fab pedicure!Photo: are you dreaming of pina coladas yet?Photo: Photo: beach area of Little Corn Beach & BungalowsPhoto: mmmm reading under a palm & listening to the surf....Photo: Photo: where we stayedPhoto: yes, my knees are really that burntPhoto: my Finnish friend enjoying naturePhoto: so many coconuts the chickens even get to enjoy them!Photo: Miia thought: if there's enough for chickens, there's enough for me. She paid the family and their son climbed up for her coconut. See him up there?Photo: another brother broke it open with his machete to get to the water insidePhoto: Photo: Photo: Yeah!  Mission accomplished!Photo: Look at that smile!Photo: Photo: Photo: that's Big Corn lights in the backgroundPhoto: paradise...and my fave pixPhoto: Photo: the island highwayPhoto: our fave restaurant; Rosa's; $3 breakfast and $5 lunch/dinnerPhoto: Photo: I'm officially addictedPhoto: coconut bread turned into french toast? Heavenly!Photo: saw my 1st breadfruit tree; the breadfruit is really big like a personal sized watermelonPhoto: this pix basically sums up Corn Islands for me: a local carrying plantain and coconuts :)Photo: Photo: I read like 3 books in 4 days!Photo: our hotel complex Carlito's PlacePhoto: Photo: Photo: the iguanas were the size of small cats