59 Photos - Apr 18, 2012
Photo: Photo: The Big ApplePhoto: Dave Tisch at TechStarsPhoto: Alex & AndrewPhoto: Dave Tisch & Andrew ChangPhoto: Dave & AndrewPhoto: BC at TechStars NYCPhoto: Prof. G. & Andrew Chang (10 yrs. after Andrew was in class)Photo: Andrew drops knowledge during walk to GooglePhoto: Nicest CVS in NYC?Photo: Google's vintage computer displayPhoto: AWK in Legos at Google Lego Room w/JuliePhoto: Google play room - Pool Table, Guitar Hero, Fooseball, DartsPhoto: Google Games DoodlePhoto: Google+ in Lego FormPhoto: Bear says 'Don't Be Evil1"Photo: Eagle Google Brain TrustPhoto: Chowin' down & Gettin' smarterPhoto: Eagles at Google lunchPhoto: Bryan, MIsha, and TristanPhoto: BC at Google NYCPhoto: Brooke at Rent the RunwayPhoto: Brooke at Rent the RunwayPhoto: Brooke drops knowledgePhoto: BC at Rent the RunwayPhoto: FreshDirectPhoto: FreshDirect postersPhoto: Big Learning + Fresh FoodPhoto: FreshDirect Dream Team drops knowledgePhoto: BC at FreshDIrectPhoto: The Big ApplePhoto: The Magic BusPhoto: Brooklyn! On to Etsy!Photo: The Brooklyn BridgePhoto: Owl & BikesPhoto: Etsy Check InPhoto: Etsy Conf. rooms - mashup of food + 80s bandsPhoto: Inside a "phone booth" at EtsyPhoto: "Slayer Cake"Photo: Etsy conf. roomPhoto: Look out for creatures beyond this wallPhoto: Taxidermy - Etsy stylePhoto: At Etsy even the air ducts have sweatersPhoto: Etsy spacePhoto: Yarn wrapped air ductsPhoto: Ace of BouillabaissePhoto: Depeche a la ModePhoto: This way to awesome!Photo: Jullian checks inPhoto: Vintage coat racks at EtsyPhoto: Does your office have a "Make an Ornament" station?Photo: Fmr student Chris CosentinoPhoto: Chris shows how Etsy has grown since he's joinedPhoto: Etsy CEO Chad DickersonPhoto: Master class with Chad & ChrisPhoto: Etsy is craftyPhoto: Sharp students - inspiring digsPhoto: BC loves Etsy!Photo: Brooklyn Bridge Etsy Exit