55 Photos - Jul 16, 2011
Photo: Photo: Genital Integrity activists aka Intactivists.Photo: Reading our signs with interest.Photo: We laid out all the signs beforehand.Photo: Checking out the signs while we gathered our group.Photo: Photo: Russell Crowe's famous circumcsion tweet: "Hygienic? Why Don't You Sew Up Your Ass Then?"Photo: Founder of IntactNews on the left.Photo: Longtime Intactivist Brian, all the way from Boston!Photo: Photo: "Miss'd America" rode in front of us.Photo: Circ Rate In America: 33% And Dropping. Source: CDCPhoto: There's Nothing More Dangerous Than A Closed Mind.Photo: Getting ready to march.Photo: Photo: It's Not Your Penis. Private Parts Are Private Property.Photo: Circumcision Ruined The Hand Job.Photo: Photo: The whole crew.Photo: Doctors: "First Do No Harm"Photo: Photo: There was a DJ in front of us!Photo: Photo: Photo: Take The Whole Baby Home.Photo: Photo: Foreskin: It's The CANDY, not the wrapper.Photo: Photo: Photo: Would You Circumcise Your Daughter?Photo: Let Him Unwrap His Own Package.Photo: Infant Circumcision Kills.Photo: Foreskin: Nature's Viagra.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Celebrating NY State's Marriage Equality Bill.Photo: Lots of photographers. This guy had both a Canon and a Nikon.Photo: Happy revelers.Photo: Photo: Photo: She was a big supporter of our group.Photo: This Jewish rabbi (left) initially gave us the thumbs down signal, but seemed to agree with me when I suggested that it should be men's own choice if they want to amputate part of their genitals, as consenting adults.Photo: Approaching the final stretch of the march.Photo: Photo: Photo: Dancers behind us.Photo: Photo: Random guy who wanted a picture with our sign.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: