4 Photos - Jun 19, 2012
Photo: Adventure sports portfolioPhoto: On that day two years ago I was fighting for my life with the power of Nature in one of the largerst purely wild areas on Earth...   Looking back, I must have been crazy to do that two months expedition alone, involving climbing, crossing the deadliest rivers I've seen and hiking to places where only five or six people have ever been.  But well, it was totally worth it - I came back changed, stronger and with tons of new ideas and isnpiration.  The gallery http://verticalshot.com/en/gdetail/pid/24Photo: Photo: Another day, another shot from the expedition to some of the wildest mountains on our planet - Tasermiut fjord, Greenland!  Even with all the technology available, it's still up to the photographer's surviving skills to do the shot.  This portfolio gallery is dedicated to 17 of my best my scenic landscapes from the last few years http://verticalshot.com/en/detail/pid/32