6 Photos - Aug 28, 2008
Photo: Two colors design. Please use white with any other color you like. Premo! 2 oz each. First day 1st project.Photo: Heart pin or necklace.  Premo! White, Pearl, Translucent and pick one color your like.  2oz each.  First day 2nd project.Photo: Learn how to make a Leaf cane, then use this cane make a pendent or necklace... Pick your leaf color 3oz and white or yellow 2oz.  Second day 1st project.Photo: Violet Flower Cane. 2oz Violet or Purple, 2 oz White and 2 oz Translucent (I use 1oz Fimo and 1oz Sculpey mix). 1/2 oz yellow. Second day 2nd project.Photo: Learn how to make a Rose Cane. We will use leaf, Violet and Rose canes to make beads.Pick your rose color 3oz, white and translucent. 2oz each. Third day 1st project.Photo: Use leaf and rose canes make beautiful beads. You will learn to make round and oval beads by your hands, not tools. Third day you will make this kind of necklace and earrings.