17 Photos - Aug 21, 2007
Photo: Lap-desk 2-1 Hydrangea.Photo: Lap-desk 4-1 Roses.Photo: Lap-desk 3-1 Iris and butterfly.Photo: Lap-desk 1-1 Sunflowers. This side is a soft cushion which is on your lap. I painted this side. If you are not use it you can put it on your chair or sofa as a pretty cushion. Size: 12 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 4"(thick). $39.50 Color: beigePhoto: Lap-desk 1-2 the back of Sunflowers painting. Color: beige woven.Photo: 103 Chinese dragon. Color: Black. $35.00. Any size you can order by e-mail.Photo: 107 Chinese dragon and phoenix. Color: light blue. $69.00Photo: 107 - 1 closer picture.Photo: 107 - 2 closer picture.Photo: 104 Palm trees. Color: light green. $29.00Photo: 105 Tulipes and butterfly. Color: Hot Pink. $29.00Photo: 106 Roses and butterflies. Color: Mauve. $35.00Photo: 101 Rosses and violets. Color: Turquoise. $29.00Photo: 102 Iris. Color: Purple. $29.00Photo: Photo: Photo: