48 Photos - Jul 3, 2008
Photo: Coloma Corners: Spalding Store & Post OfficePhoto: Coloma Corners: Spalding Store & Post OfficePhoto: Salvaging boardsPhoto: Spalding Store Fall 2008Photo: Spalding Store Fall 2008Photo: Spalding Store Fall 2007Photo: Beginning of preparation for movingPhoto: Wrapping for winterPhoto: Jacked up and ready to roll!Photo: Ground Breaking, April 2008Photo: Digging the basementPhoto: Forming for the footingsPhoto: Pouring the footingsPhoto: The walls are poured!Photo: Note front and back walls are shorter so building can be moved onto basement.Photo: Ready for insulation!Photo: Adding the plate.Photo: Insulating the walls.Photo: Carefully backfilling...Photo: Beautifully insulated!Photo: Back to the building...now the roof must come off for the move to town.Photo: Roof is off!Photo: Ready for a trip to town?Photo: Coloma Corners 1876 moves to Coloma 2008.Photo: Just over interstate 39.  Almost home...Photo: We made it to the park!!!!Photo: Preparing to put building on its' new foundation.Photo: Moving onto basement.Photo: Sitting pretty!Photo: Putting the roof back on.Photo: Almost ready for steel.Photo: Pouring the basement floor.Photo: New steel roof goes on.Photo: Blocking in the basement front and back.Photo: Cleaning the old insulation from the attic.Photo: Backfilling around walls and bilco door.Photo: Adding insulation from the outside.Photo: Sheathing the walls with our salvaged lumber.Photo: Wrapping with tyvekPhoto: Cleaning the interior.Photo: Building a porch.Photo: Great porch!Photo: Porch has new roof, too.Photo: Windows!!!!Photo: Upper window!Photo: Cedar siding.Photo: More backfilling.Photo: Look at those beautiful windows!