42 Photos - Feb 20, 2014
Photo: Zermatt trainPhoto: GornergrotPhoto: Photo: Looking at MatterhornPhoto: Chillin' at the Iglu halfway down run from GornergrotPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Photo: Photo: Happy New YearPhoto: Photo: Bryce CanyonPhoto: ZionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Trumptastic!Photo: Volcano!Photo: Photo: Photo: Disney suit pending...Photo: Staring down PF Chang giant horsePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Riding ice sculptures in SapporoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ice lanterns at Nakajima Park, SapporoPhoto: Surgical masks are a "must have" fashion accessory in Japan, much like the cell phone.Photo: Ridin' the railsPhoto: Photo: What are you looking at?Photo: You can get almost anything, hot or cold at one of the ubiquitous vending machinesPhoto: Photo: Get away horse!Photo: Gentle giraffePhoto: Unicorn caught on film!Photo: Photo: giddy up