107 Photos - Feb 20, 2014
Photo: Food stalls!Photo: 2014 Winter Olympics

With a special shout out to curling!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Snow dog to the rescuePhoto: I have your mailPhoto: Curling sheep?Photo: Hooray people in animal suits!Photo: Photo: I feel an overwhelming urge to go to PortlandPhoto: Photo: Mammogram?Photo: Year of the Horse (head mask)Photo: Don't do thatPhoto: Sapporo Beer MuseumPhoto: Dear Brewmaster ....Photo: You read correctly.  Look it up on WikipediaPhoto: I'll have the beefPhoto: Photo: Nice icePhoto: Photo: I hate my job.Photo: Legos!Photo: Photo: Capsule vending machines.

Just say no!Photo: Closest we got to riding a Bullet TrainPhoto: WTF?Photo: Join now!

Get points!Photo: Photo: That's the island for loser mascots that don't make any sense...Photo: Long lines for free ridePhoto: A rare sighting of Campbells in Sapporo -- including the elusive LeviPhoto: All aboard the Cup Noodle ExpressPhoto: Panda mascot helping children manufacture bamboo skis.   Really.Photo: Photo: Horse and Unicorn ride ice Duck and SealPhoto: Photo: Japanese Stuckey'sPhoto: Tommy Lee Jones is "Boss Coffee"Photo: Godzilla!Photo: It's a strap...

It's a dessert.Photo: Night skiing.

Did not avail ourselves.Photo: Random reindeerPhoto: Photo: Ice Bar (note bartender inside)Photo: Now that's a "mountain view"Photo: Photo: Single seat chairliftPhoto: Single seat selfie with Heather behind me.Photo: Photo: Fresh snow and trees!Photo: Photo: Photo: Hokkaido flakesPhoto: Photo: Bus ride back to SapporoPhoto: 7-11 is the best banks/convenience mart in Japan by far!   US ATM cards work here.Photo: Photo: Photo: Tokyo Toy MuseumPhoto: Fire MuseumPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Snowy cocoonPhoto: Photo: Car on median stripPhoto: Hot ginger ale pleasePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Good giraffePhoto: Photo: Photo: Did someone steal that from New York New York?Photo: Photo: Photo: Ticket food machines are evilPhoto: AkihabaraPhoto: Mt. Fuji after sunset at Municipal Government Tower.Photo: Cocoon again, my favorite buildingPhoto: DollsPhoto: Only VW Van we saw in Japan.Photo: Photo: CocoonPhoto: Robot Restaurant.

Front door.Photo: Robot dinosaur in waiting loungePhoto: Whorehouse on acidPhoto: Photo: Photo: WTF?Photo: Snowbunny at base TakoasanguchiPhoto: Mt Takao view onePhoto: Snowboard?!  Not gonna happen.  But certainly some ironyPhoto: Octopus (Tako) sculpture and treePhoto: Photo: Photo: Mr. Heat Miser lives on Mt. TakaoPhoto: Have a safe journeyPhoto: Don't go to Hirafu....

"Stuck" in TokyoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Meow