110 Photos - Jul 17, 2012
Photo: San Cristobal Island - Tortoise and Sleeping Lion RockPhoto: Albatross AirportPhoto: Albatrosses whispering to one anotherPhoto: Baby Peeking Out from Mother AlbatrossPhoto: Egg SquattingPhoto: Another Albatross has joined the worldPhoto: Baby Frigate Bird - they're evilPhoto: Baby Tortoises - road to repopulation of the speciesPhoto: Albatross nest right on trail - not so smartPhoto: A Darwin Finch and Galapagos Tortoise on Santa Cruz IslandPhoto: Bird Sighting List (1/2) - two pagesPhoto: Bird Sighting List (2/2)Photo: Blue Footed BoobiePhoto: Blue Footed BoobiePhoto: DisembarkationPhoto: Dry LandingPhoto: Sea Lion vs. Blue Footed BoobiePhoto: Outside "deck" on cabin 406Photo: The Large Cactus FinchPhoto: Crazy Galapagos CactusPhoto: Candelabra Cactus (maybe?)Photo: Cemetery in townPhoto: Chinese Hat IslandPhoto: Cliffs of the AlbatrossPhoto: Hang in there Baby!Photo: Sally Lightfoot CrabPhoto: Sleepy Sea Lion - scratch my belly!Photo: Photo: Sally Lightfoot CrabsPhoto: Albatross LovePhoto: Arrival at the Islander via ZodiacPhoto: Why didn't I buy this T-Shirt?Photo: Sea Lion vs. puffer fish (puffer fish loses)Photo: Flamingos in exposed and flooded volcano calderaPhoto: Flamingos in lagoonPhoto: Feeding FlamingoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Flamingos on the wingPhoto: Flamingo flight animationPhoto: More flamingos - they were really awesome!Photo: Look - now they're landing!Photo: ForeignersPhoto: Evil Frigate and its hungry spawnPhoto: Frigate in flightPhoto: Guayaquil River and hillside townPhoto: I appear to have lost the instructions...Photo: Hawk - note that it is bandedPhoto: Kayaking the calderaPhoto: Penguins at the Equator!Photo: Herons - possibly related to those in WisconsinPhoto: Flower Eating Land Iguana - about to bitePhoto: Flower Eating Land Iguana - bite takenPhoto: The aboard/off ship magnet system.  Very effective.  Avoids the "Open Water" scenarios.Photo: Nat Geo IslanderPhoto: Itchy SealPhoto: Bad AssPhoto: Land IguanaPhoto: Photo: Lava LizardPhoto: Lava TubePhoto: New Lava Over OldPhoto: Flamingo CalderaPhoto: Mail BarrelPhoto: Galapagos MockingbirdPhoto: Tortoise "hunting"Photo: Mom, Dad and sleeping Sea LionPhoto: Mom and Penguins in backgroundPhoto: I'm not your MomPhoto: Mom foundPhoto: More nursing Sea LionsPhoto: Nazca BoobiePhoto: Oyster CatcherPhoto: Oyster Catcher and Sea LionsPhoto: Nazca LovePhoto: Penguin LineupPhoto: Itchy PenguinPhoto: Galapagos PenguinsPhoto: Marine Iguanas piling onPhoto: Rainbow over Sea LionsPhoto: Red Footed BoobiePhoto: RIP Lonesome GeorgePhoto: Ship's RoutePhoto: Photo: Sea Lions, Sleeping Lion Rock and ships on horizonPhoto: Sea Lion vs. Marine IguanaPhoto: Sea Lion and Yellow WarblerPhoto: Sea Lion and CactusPhoto: Photo: Ex-Sea LionPhoto: Crazy Art Shop in townPhoto: Sleeping LionPhoto: Sleeping Lion (full view)Photo: Swallow-tailed GullPhoto: Sleeping on the jobPhoto: Tortoise pupPhoto: 2 degrees below the equator in Guayaquil.  Galapagos is 0S/90WPhoto: Bond, James BondPhoto: StopPhoto: SlanderPhoto: Lazy as an AiredalePhoto: Baby gullPhoto: Wild tortoise ranch roadPhoto: Sea turtle tracksPhoto: Nazca Boobie parentingPhoto: Photo: Waiting for flamingosPhoto: Christmas IguanaPhoto: Iguana councilPhoto: Zodiac Ride