29 Photos - Jul 9, 2012
Photo: I started the morning of errands with a plasma donation - I do it often, and it helps save lives!Photo: People are always afraid of how big the needle is... and really, it's not that bad.Photo: Next we stopped at this lovely bank next to Walmart to pay my rent! Yay! *sarcasm*Photo: The thing I hate most about the plasma donation is how OBVIOUS it is to EVERYONE that you've donated since they give you a big huge bright bandage that nearly cuts off your circulation. I was trying to hide this from the bank teller, but I'm not sure that it worked.Photo: On the way to Walmart! Eli wanted to hold my soda for me. I think he sneaked a couple of sips on the way over ;)Photo: He was sooo excited to go in!Photo: I love how neat and clean our store always looks.Photo: This is right at the entrance - I love that because it makes you think about it before you make your purchase, and it's right there in case you pick up something to donate. No extra trip necessary.Photo: THIS. Was just inside the store. How GENIUS is that?!? Perfect for barbecues and such. Only 97 cents!Photo: BACK TO SCHOOL DISPLAYS!!! I am obsessed with back to school. I love it. I love that time of year and I'm so excited to see the products coming out already!Photo: Rows and rows of fresh binders... sigh.Photo: Binder + glitter = heaven. I'm definitely buying like, one of these in every color for this semester.Photo: And such CUTE NOTEBOOKS. Dead. From cuteness. These are not those creepy trapper keepers from the 80s, folks.Photo: and a cute pencil bag. NEED.Photo: I finally pulled myself away from the back to school stuff (they were seriously still unpacking it) and moseyed on over to the oral care aisle. This new product looked pretty neat and it was cheap.Photo: And then I read the fine print... 1% hydrogen peroxide. Oh. Swishing with hydrogen peroxide would have the same effect and be more economical.Photo: Eli found the Cars toothbrushes! He looooved them.Photo: Photo: I finally located the Arm and Hammer Spinbrush, and I was surprised at the variety they had. This is the one I usually use.Photo: Photo: I had no idea that they had rechargeable ones! I may have to think about that.. I wonder if it's cost effective? I never change the batteries in mine, I just buy a new one when it dies...Photo: The new heads are pretty much the same price as a new non-rechargeable one and you get two... so it may be something to look into!Photo: Awesome characters... Spiderman, Star Wars.. but I couldn't find any girly ones in this brand :(Photo: Photo: But I found these! Girl and boy ones with stickers to make it his or her own! I love that idea! For younger kids brushing has to be fun or it just won't get done.Photo: Eli picked out a Thomas the Train spin brush, which he had to hold right next to him on the seat. We did self checkout - sorry, not pictured because I only have so many arms :) But there was no line and it went super fast. You gotta love that.Photo: We stopped at the gas station right outside of Walmart to get some gas before we headed home. OUCH!Photo: I noticed a recent change in the gas company that's right there... I think it was formerly owned by Walmart, but now I'm not so sure...?Photo: We had a great time, and we chose a girl and a boy Spinbrush My Way to give away to a charity. (we also picked up a few more odds and ends along the way!) I think the Champions for Kids website is great, and really, buying these toothbrushes *was* such a simple service project. I can't wait to donate them!

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