71 Photos - May 26, 2015
Photo: Felicity, Jack & DannyPhoto: Heather & HenryPhoto: Jack Hirsh & RozettePhoto: Solly, Effie & DanielPhoto: Effie, Daniel, son of Rosalie & SollyPhoto: Daniel, a chef par excellence, prepared the repast with a helping hand from RosaliePhoto: The beautiful & clever table arrangementPhoto: Rosalie & Daniel busy in the Kitchen cum Dining Room!!!Photo: Theo joins us.........Photo: ......with his lovely wife Anat.Photo: Rosalie, Heather & MiriamPhoto: Heather, Perla & ShimshonPhoto: Photo: Rozette & DannyPhoto: Henry & LeahPhoto: Photo: Henry & FridaPhoto: Heather & DoraPhoto: Photo: Felicity & RozPhoto: I think Daniel, Felicity & Roz saw a creepy-crawly!!!Photo: Roz & FridaPhoto: Roz, Frida & Bish...AKA HenryPhoto: Photo: Rosalie & EffiePhoto: Roz, Heather & LeahPhoto: Heather, Leah, Henry,Rozette,Danny & RozPhoto: Roz, Heather & BishPhoto: Frida & The Fedders!!Photo: Felicity,Heather, Henry, Rosalie & Effie, & LeahPhoto: Dora, Jack  H. & FelicityPhoto: The Ben EzrasPhoto: Anat,  Rozette & DannyPhoto: Theo & JackPhoto: Frida & her brother SollyPhoto: Theo, Jack & AnatPhoto: Leah & FridaPhoto: The guys hard at work!!!   Solly, Effie & DanielPhoto: Ah-ha ---they were cutting the quiches!Photo: One end of the long Dining Table!Photo: Jack H. , Felicity, Rosalie & HeatherPhoto: Heather, Henry & FridaPhoto: The other end of the Dining Table....Leah, Rosalie,Solly, Effy, Theo, Jack & AnatPhoto: You should know everyone by now!!!Photo: Daniel & MiriamPhoto: Henry & Rosalie talking "Juicers!"Photo: Photo: This Guy is a long way from home!!!Photo: Solly & FridaPhoto: Solly tells us what he's going to play for us.Photo: Frida explains to us .......Photo: ..........Why she no longer plays the piano!!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The enthralled listeners,--Roz, Felicity & BishPhoto: Henry, Theo & DannyPhoto: Heather, Shim, Perla & A cut off Frida!!!Photo: Daniel turns the pages for his Dad!Photo: And here's the family dog--looks like a cross between a "Ridgeback & an Alsation!!!"Photo: Everyone was enjoying immensely!Photo: Photo: Dora, Rozette, Roz & FelicityPhoto: I think you've seen these people before!Photo: and these!Photo: Heather, Bish, Danny & FridaPhoto: as before with Henry also!!!Photo: Photo: Wow, get a geek at that Arvo-tea!!!Photo: Leah & Shim-sister & brother & Jack H.Photo: Goldsteins both!