25 Photos - Feb 9, 2012
Photo: first pass at Family Room design with full Pugin mantel from Francois & Co. and complementary cabinetsPhoto: experimenting with an ached screen trimPhoto: Family room with a full Pugin mantelPhoto: similar to final version, with plinths. The TV (behind an artscreen above) and the wall width eliminated the shelf & and the plinths.Photo: Pugin mantel with honey onyx surround & hearthPhoto: family room, Francois & Co. Pugin mantel, no plinths. This is the closest to the finalPhoto: an early version of the bedroom with a Francois & Co. Delfine mantelPhoto: one of the Francois & Co. mantels we triedPhoto: panelled wall ideaPhoto: different panelled wall with a white crownPhoto: bedroom conceptPhoto: bedroom with solus "Fraser" surround & hearthPhoto: the darker surround highlights the gothic archPhoto: toying with color . . .Photo: simulating "shiitake" colorPhoto: another color exercisePhoto: bedroom with hearth footprintPhoto: framing detail for bedoomPhoto: Family Room fireplace rough-inPhoto: Bedroom fireplace rough-inPhoto: finished family roomPhoto: finished family roomPhoto: bedroom fireplace completePhoto: bedroom fireplace with solus "arch" mantel installedPhoto: StoneHaven exterior (those are our copper chimney pots)