66 Photos - Jun 9, 2014
Photo: After a long drive and a few hours of sleep, we were all hiking up Yankee Boy Basin towards Sneffels.Photo: Heading up Lavender Col.Photo: Awesome morning light with Gilpin Peak in the back.Photo: The standard route to Kevin's right, which would be our descent route.Photo: We dropped into Blaine Basin and circled around to The Snake Couloir.Photo: Wayne doin' some snow rodeo.Photo: The Snake Couloir awaits.Photo: Gettin' steeper after some sun-soaked snow post-holing.Photo: James, BK, and Kevo.Photo: Wayne heading to the turn in the belly of The Snake.Photo: Perfect conditions.Photo: Near the top, perfect snow and perfect angle.Photo: Toppin' out!Photo: A bit of a scramble, then 100ft to the summit.Photo: Not bad views from atop 14,150ft Mt Sneffels. Took 5hrs to get up.Photo: The crew.Photo: Saturday's objectives.Photo: James heading down.Photo: A easy rock step to drop onto the standard route.Photo: Much easier covered in snow then loose rock/scree.Photo: Easy steppin' all the way down with great views. Gotta love the San Juans.Photo: Photo: Saturday morning, knocking out a bunch of vertical towards Potosi Peak.Photo: Photo: Awesome morning light.Photo: We hit that low saddle and dropped 600ft to the base of the North Couloir on Potosi.Photo: Some fun snow ridges first.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We would climb the snow line from the bottom left, to just left of the summit in the top center.Photo: Photo: Perfect conditions and gets steep right away.Photo: Looking down, BK and Kevo down there somewhere.Photo: Perfect view of where we would be heading next... Coffeepot and Teakettle.Photo: Photo: Out of the couloir and close to the summit.Photo: Great view of where we were the day before on Mt Sneffels.Photo: 13,819ft Teakettle... see ya in a few hours!Photo: Took just 3hrs to get to the summit of 13,786ft Potosi Peak.Photo: We went down the same way to avoid the route finding difficulties on the standard route.Photo: Photo: Steep and careful down climbing.Photo: The best shot of the entire climb. Hard to believe we just went up that!Photo: Onwards to 13,568ft Coffeepot.Photo: Wayne lead up the 20ft 5.2 crack.Photo: Using his canyoneering moves.Photo: BK making it look easy with his superman cape on.Photo: Jimmy Two Sack and Potosi Peak.Photo: Kevin trying not to rip his pants.Photo: James making it look easy.Photo: Our last objective of the day... 13,819ft Teakettle. We went up that snow line in the middle, traversed left, up the shorter snow, then traversed left again to the summit block.Photo: Clouds were moving in and the snow was crappy in spots, but we kept at it.Photo: James near the summit block and the "handle".Photo: Wayne led the 30ft low 5th class crack too.Photo: On top.Photo: James climbing in crampons to give it a mixed rating.Photo: We spent about 30 seconds on the summit, then skeet-daddled down.Photo: It started snowing just at the start of down climbing about 3,000ft of snow.Photo: Sunday... a mellow snow climb up Independence Couloir to the summit of 13,806ft American Peak.Photo: A short approach and mellow snow.Photo: Photo: Near the topPhoto: Dark clouds moved in quick. Soon after.... thunder, lightning, and hail had us jogging to the trailhead.Photo: Deepest post-hole in history.Photo: Lots of post-holing on the way out. Wayne wins the award for the deepest one ever. Snorkel on!