60 Photos - Feb 5, 2014
Photo: Photo: Packed and ready to go.Photo: Hiking through the Colorado Monument in Grand Junction to our first climb.Photo: Awesome scenery with the new snow and red rocks.Photo: 1.5 mile hike to No Thoroughfare Falls. 150' of sweet ice!Photo: Jeff gearin' up to lead the first pitch.Photo: Jeff leading.Photo: Photo: James leading the second pitch.Photo: Jeff rapping down so we could all do a few laps.Photo: Photo: Photo: We had to tie two ropes together to top-rope the full climb.Photo: Photo: Warm weather, great scenery, fun climbing.Photo: Photo: Colorado Monument on the hike out.Photo: Our ranch for the w/end.Photo: A large variety of beverages.Photo: Photo: Just a bit of snow.Photo: Photo: The hike up Camp Bird Road.Photo: Chilly morning and terrible views.Photo: Chockstone Chimney!Photo: Photo: James leading up the wet and sloppy left.Photo: John at the top, ready to rap down.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mt Sneffels is somewhere back there buried in feet of snow.Photo: BK leading right before quite the snow shower coming from above.Photo: Photo: The cover shot for Kevo's book, "Diaries of The Shit Show"Photo: Thin, steep, and a tough lead up a solid WI4 climb on Slippery When Wet.Photo: James making it look easy. I really struggled to hold on with numb hands and shaking legs.Photo: John following up Slippery When Wet.Photo: Jeff and his bad-luck Elway jersey sport-leading the route.Photo: At the top, totally pumped for one of the coolest (and hardest) climbs I've done.Photo: Photo: The Cyborg eats ice for meals.Photo: Post climb, ready for beer and hot tub.Photo: Photo: Enough chicken parm and pasta to feed the entire state. Damn tasty!Photo: Luge-shots of Fireball whiskey out of the top of James cowboy hat.Photo: Photo: I lead the first rope length through the deep snow to the base of the ice.Photo: Jeff leading the first pitch of ice.Photo: Photo: James leading the second ice pitch.Photo: Our lifeline.Photo: Photo: Bottom of fourth pitch.Photo: Shafer gearing up for the final lead.Photo: Queue the snow!Photo: Deep snow, ice, deep snow, ice, deep snow, ice.Photo: Expensive belt.Photo: Jeff on the first of three rappels while the heavy snow started falling.Photo: Another awesome climb I was super stoked to get up with pure bad-ass dudes hauling me up it.