25 Photos - Aug 18, 2013
Photo: Sunrise... which we would later see set.Photo: Ticking away the miles along Colorado Trail segment 22.Photo: Above treeline heading towards Coney Benchmark. We wouldn't see trees for another 11 hours.Photo: Jason making it look easy.Photo: The views were terrible!Photo: A good sign that we were on the correct trail.Photo: 17 miles and 4.5hrs in, we hit Carson Saddle.Photo: Surrounded by 13K peaks.Photo: A brief water stop then more miles.Photo: Cataract Lake, about 23 miles down.... 30 to go.Photo: Thanks for the shoes JV!Photo: Heart thumpin' after many hours above 12,000ft.Photo: 30 miles in, we ran into Scott Jaime who is currently trying to break the fastest known time of the entire 470 miles of the Colorado Trail.Photo: More terrible views.Photo: Interesting trail marker.Photo: Sheep!!! The sheep-dog tried to eat me and Eric, but dog-whisperer Jason quickly became buddies with him.Photo: Photo: Finally losing some elevation and dropping into Elk Creek. Just 13 miles left!Photo: Steep and loose descent for miles and miles.Photo: A much welcomed stop to pump water and relax for a few minutes. About mile 42.Photo: Cool stream covered in moss.Photo: Vestal Peak and beaver ponds.Photo: Darkness approaches. Eric and I have talked about running through the Weminuche Wilderness for many years. CHECK!Photo: FINALLY at the Animas River, mile 48 and 15 hours into the day. Just a 5 mile and 2,000ft climb left to Molas Pass.Photo: Jason's Mom and husband were kind enough to secure a campsite for us at Molas Pass after 53 miles, 10,800ft, and 17 hours on the move. Great views to wake up to!