21 Photos - Feb 5, 2013
Photo: Chipeta Falls, near Blue Mesa. Our first day of ice and a good way to break up the drive on the way to Ouray. We had to do a double-rope rappel since we couldn't see the ropes touch down to the bottom.Photo: We each did a couple laps while belaying next to the frozen river.Photo: James setting the zipper for our climb out. Tons o' fun and some seldom climbed ice.Photo: After a night of fun, our second days objective way Chockstone Chimney up Camp Bird Rd.Photo: Rockstar climbers, Dan and Austin, heading up a steep dry-tool route.Photo: Doug about to lead the very wet and variable conditions on Chockstone Chimney, Kevin providing entertainment as always.Photo: Some pretty hollow ice in places.Photo: Photo: The afternoon brought us to top rope laps in The Schoolroom. Lots of laughs and fun climbing.Photo: Austin making it look easy.Photo: The third days objective, Senators Gulch.Photo: Doug leading near the top.Photo: James (aka. Steve House Jr)Photo: After setting a top rope we each did a couple laps up the left and right.Photo: Shafer taking his turn on lead.Photo: The steeper and softening right side.Photo: BK cutting the beautiful prime rib that Butcher Bob brought along.Photo: Go ahead, lick your screen.Photo: I missed the night of filets, but wish I hadn't!.Photo: James new climb in the kitchen.Photo: Absent from the picture: 1/4 keg of Laughing Lab and 1/4 keg of Red Rocket. Life is Dandy!!!