47 Photos - Oct 1, 2012
Photo: Strange sign at Spring Creek Pass. Wonder if the sign was there before the tree was chopped?Photo: John's pack double the size of mine.Photo: Getting to the trailhead is always a victory for this bunch.Photo: And so it begins. John told his wife "the more it sucks, the more fun it is. Its great when all those coping mechanisms surface."Photo: Photo: Photo: The gate to Vermont (inside joke)Photo: Aspens colors were awesome!Photo: Segment 18 was mostly double track.Photo: Still smiling after 12 miles.Photo: Guy resting and poppin' some wood.Photo: Photo: Photo: Team Ugly Shoes.Photo: We didn't see a single person or vehicle.Photo: Confetti aspen leaves.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: After 20 miles we finally hit some water to refill.Photo: Beavers were busy in this area.Photo: Cool meandering streams.Photo: Near the end of segment 19. We had a couple hours in the dark before camp.Photo: Eric happy to finally be in the La Garita Wilderness.Photo: A chilly morning, but we stayed pretty warm under this tree. I slept great considering I only slept 2hrs the night before.Photo: Approaching San Luis saddle and several hours up high.Photo: Organ Mtn.Photo: Much better views along segment 20 then the say before.Photo: Photo: San Luis saddle with the gentle slopes up to 14,014ft San Luis.Photo: Of course we went up there, nothing like a 38mile approach to a 14er!Photo: Eric bet me a 6-pack to race to the top. I made it to the top in 29mins, beating him by 4mins. Thanks for the beer!Photo: Second time up San Luis. Eric's 9th 14er.Photo: Great scenery!Photo: We spent the next several hours near and above 12K, one saddle to the next, repeat.Photo: Photo: San Luis in the top left, where we were several hours before.Photo: Finally the end of segment 20, it was around 2pm and we still had 17 miles to go.Photo: Photo: Peak 13,111 was "right there" so I boogied up there too.Photo: Photo: Terrible views!Photo: 8 miles to the car, it only took 54 miles to get to this sign!Photo: Darkness approaches.Photo: Goodbye sun, as we approach 12,760ft along the Continental Divide.Photo: Long shadows right before the sun disappeared and we trudged along Snow Mesa for hours.Photo: Pretty sure ya can't miss this cairn.