57 Photos - Sep 17, 2012
Photo: Starting out from Maroon Lake you get the iconic view of the Maroon Bells.Photo: Ice cream for the eyes.Photo: Awesome colors.Photo: I climbed these bad boys back in 2004 and now have a hankering to re-visit their summits.Photo: Photo: Heading up towards West Maroon Pass.Photo: Views back towards where we started.Photo: Nearing the 1st of 4 12K ft passes, West Maroon Pass.Photo: Denali carried his own food/water. Not bad for a 70yr old pup!Photo: Almost there.Photo: Terrible views.Photo: Where we're heading.Photo: On the way to Frigid Air Pass.Photo: Taking a break before the slog up the 2nd pass of the day.Photo: Came from there, heading there.Photo: Photo: Almost to the top of Frigid Air Pass.Photo: Sure beats work.Photo: Sporting the ugly Mizuno's with the Maroon Bells in the background. Lime green shoes are making a come-back!Photo: On top of Frigid Air pass.Photo: Looking down into Fravert Basin, our camp for the night.Photo: Photo: After 12 miles and 3650ft we arrived at our home for the night. An awesome camp right next to the small waterfall.Photo: Fravert Basin. One of the coolest places in all of Colorado.Photo: Photo: Came from there, heading there.Photo: Aspen tunnels heading up Trail Rider pass.Photo: Photo: A small lake before the final climb up Trail Rider pass.Photo: Final push up to 12,400ft.Photo: Views down to Snowmass Lake, our second camp.Photo: Terrible views from camp after 8 miles and 3000ft.Photo: Since we got to camp around 1pm and it was a cloudless day, I boogied up 14,092ft Snowmass mountain. Fun 3rd class scrambling and 3000ft gain in just 2.5miles.Photo: Morning alpine-glow from camp.Photo: Camp breakfast without 15 slices of bacon?! I think not.Photo: Morning views before packing up.Photo: Photo: Reflections in a beaver pond.Photo: Photo: Denali chilling before the slog up Buckskin Pass.Photo: Snowmass mtn and surrounding peaks.Photo: Pretty gentle climb up to the 12,400ft Buckskin Pass.Photo: Denali checking out the trail heading down.Photo: Fourth pass. WooHoo!Photo: Heading back to civilization.Photo: Maroon Bells with awesome aspen groves.Photo: Photo: Aspen tunnel.Photo: Glowing!Photo: Photo: Photo: Nature-vision.Photo: Can't get enough of this view.Photo: Photo: Photo: No less then 300 people and $40K worth of camera gear here on Sunday afternoon.Photo: Chips and Bristol brews, a great way to end a fantastic weekend.