51 Photos - Jul 23, 2012
Photo: Bob and Sharon sporting bug nets at the trailhead. We all tried to eat, drink, or spit through these at some point over the weekend.Photo: Heading up the Pole Creek TrailPhoto: View from Photographers PointPhoto: The further we got the better the viewsPhoto: One of many stream crossingsPhoto: Another glass-lake reflectionPhoto: The trail pops up onto a great lookout above Senecca LakePhoto: The views keep getting better the deeper we got into the WindsPhoto: Mosquito bite preventionPhoto: Beach party at Island LakePhoto: Brokeback Mountain jokes almost got us killedPhoto: Closing in on Titcomb BasinPhoto: Terrible sceneryPhoto: Drainage of Titcomb BasinPhoto: Titcomb LakePhoto: Near our camp, terrible views!Photo: Titcomb Basin campPhoto: Chilling out in the kitchenPhoto: Bonney Pass is over Keith's left shoulder. We did not find the path of least resistance on the way up, in the darkPhoto: Dinwoody Glacier right before we got rained on. We roped right after stepping on the glacier, good thing because moments later Bob dropped into a crevasse up to his knees.Photo: Over a rock rib to the Gooseneck GlacierPhoto: Once the skies cleared the views were spectacular.Photo: The wide saddle in the middle is Bonney Pass, where we came from and where we'll have to go back up and over.Photo: A loo with a view.Photo: Photo: About to get on the Gooseneck Glacier.Photo: The theme of the day was rock, snow, rock, snow, rock snow, repeat.Photo: Summit in top right of photo.Photo: Heading towards the snow bridge thinking light-thoughts.Photo: Its holdin' for Bob!Photo: Its holdin' for Sharon! Kevin and I tip-toed over it next.Photo: Steep snow after the berschund then more rock.Photo: Last bit of rock before the snowy summit ridge.Photo: Kevin on the summit ridge, 10 minutes of sleep catching up with him.Photo: More terrible views.Photo: Summit ridge.Photo: Got the top in sight!Photo: WooHoo! Top 'O Wyoming after 6hrs 20mins.Photo: We didn't stay up top for long since the snow was getting really soft.Photo: Roping back up next to Gooseneck Pinnacle.Photo: Berschund and snow bridge just below Bob, our last major obstacle.Photo: Whew, it held.Photo: Heading down for rock, snow, rock, snow, rock, snow.Photo: Just 1200' more gain to go.Photo: Getting back up Bonney Pass was almost too easy, we're all smiles. Summit in the back.Photo: The newlyweds, still smiling after nearly 12hrs on the go.Photo: Titcomb Basin back in sight, our tents was wayyyyyy down there.Photo: Titcomb Basin and surrounding peaks.Photo: Our view from our last camp at Island Lake.Photo: Amazing sunset.Photo: Colorful skies.