55 Photos - Oct 15, 2012
Photo: At the Jijiga airport (that's it, the blue shack in the background). Best airport ever, or worst airport ever?Photo: Amazing gear shift decorationsPhoto: In the taxi on the way from Wojaale (Ethiopia-Somaliland border) to Hargeisa. Awesome rearview mirror...Photo: On the Ethiopian side of the borderPhoto: Sometime after the border crossing at WojaalePhoto: Photo: Somaliland countryside, looking exceptionally green this time of year.Photo: Kind of reminds me of Wyoming actually.Photo: Our ride from Wojaale to Hargeisa.Photo: On the road to Hargeisa. Did I mention this reminds me of Wyoming?Photo: Photo: Windshield maintenance?Photo: Traditional Somali home in the foregroundPhoto: On the road to HargeisaPhoto: A few drops of rainPhoto: Still life with Coke.Photo: Hargeisa street scene (in the suburbs on the drive into town)Photo: Soccer matchPhoto: Downtown Hargeisa -- viewed from my hotel windowPhoto: Street scene in downtown HargeisaPhoto: Street scene in downtown HargeisaPhoto: The mosque across the streetPhoto: Photo: Evening prayersPhoto: Money changing box in the marketPhoto: This is 120,000 Somaliland shillings... or about $20 US.Photo: One of the main mosques in HargeisaPhoto: One of the main mosques in HargeisaPhoto: Photo: At the animal marketPhoto: Everyone wants their picture taken (seriously, I was asked to take a lot of photos)Photo: The camel marketPhoto: Camel market, with attitude.Photo: This guy insisted I take his photo too.Photo: Photo: The animal market was busy because Hajj is 20 days away, so Somaliland is selling lots and lots of sheep to Saudi ArabiaPhoto: Loading them up in double-decker trucks, 400 at a time, for the ride to Berbera, and thence on to SaudiPhoto: That "led like sheep to the slaughter" phrase doesn't make as much sense when you see how much they resist...Photo: Some of the trucks have their own ramps, which makes the loading go a lot easierPhoto: All the sheep are divided into circles -- 200, 400, 1,000, or 2,000 -- and the guys try and keep them apartPhoto: Every conversation:

Me: Salaam alaikum. 
Them: Alaikum salaam. What is your name? 
Me: Brett. 
What is your country? 
United States. 
America! What is your nationality? 
United States...
Are you doctor? 
Are you report? 
No, just tourist.
Somaliland is very safe.
Yes, yes, very safe.
Take our picture?Photo: Last shot of the animal marketPhoto: Mig memorial to the Somali civil war / Somaliland independencePhoto: Guys at the market - they helped me find a music store where I bought a pirated CD of Somali music, which didn't work...Photo: Moneychangers in downtown Hargeisa sit outside with stacks and stacks of cashPhoto: Dry riverbed on the road back to WojaalePhoto: Traditional Somali homesPhoto: Checkpoint (taken from pretty far away)Photo: Outskirts of WojaalePhoto: Flight back from Jijiga to Addis -- still near Somali borderPhoto: Somali community -- note the circle of trees planted as a wind/dust break/animal enclosurePhoto: Zoom out of that Somali community, from the airPhoto: Photo: Photo: Outskirts of Addis